The Truth About Stretchmarks

If you’re not pregnant, or currently pregnant, you’ve most likely spent at least a few moments wondering “Am I going to get those dreaded stretch marks??”  Maybe you panic over the thought, maybe you think you’re immune, maybe you go crazy slathering every single miracle oil/lotion all over you belly, butt, thighs, boobs, in hopes of avoiding them.

If you’ve been pregnant, and been scarred for life by the marks, you probably spend time hating them, wishing them away…and most likely, secretly cursing those in the next category.

If you’ve been pregnant, and avoided the marks – good for you!

When I first spread the news about my growing lovechild, I was on the receiving end of a ridiculous amount of stretch mark talk.  I thought it was relatively funny how many secret avoidance techniques there were – especially since research has shown that there really isn’t anything you can do about them.  Most likely it’s genetic, but even that isn’t a real way to gauge whether you’ll bear the marks of spawn growth.  The truth is, you can’t do anything.  Of course, you should always drink A LOT of water, and I highly recommend slathering on that lotion, because 1) It makes your belly smell good so that when the Baby’s father goes to snuggle up with you and talk/kiss/play with your belly, he’ll most definitely mention your chocolatey aroma, and 2) Smooth/soft skin is always nice, and if you do get the marks, you’ll thank the cream for keeping dry skin at bay, stretch marks + dry skin = horrors.

Even with all the talk around me, I never really worried about stretch marks.  Why?  Not because my family history makes me immune, nope, I’m pretty sure my Mum had them and every other woman in my family.  The truth is, I really don’t care about them.  They are part of the process, and maybe to some they are a curse, but to me they are a piece of this whole pregnancy bag of goodies.  Just something that happens.

So, when I saw the very first little red mark creep it’s way onto my belly, I was totally not horrified.  I smiled.  I giggled a little bit.  I ran to the Hubs, pulled up my shirt, proudly pointed to the tiny little red dimpled line and said “Check out my cute little stretch mark!”  And instead of the Hubs giving me a look of shock and disgust that my body was falling to pieces, forever maimed by this pregnancy, he lovingly gave it a good look, rub and smile.

The next day another one popped up, and the next day, three teeny tiny shadows appeared (the pre-stretch mark ghosts.)  I don’t have the same excited response to each one, I mean who really wants to be covered in stretch marks?  I would prefer not to have them, and I most definitely hope I don’t end up looking like a tiger attacked me…but I don’t hate them.  They don’t hurt me in the least, and let’s be honest…I don’t ever plan on wearing a bikini again anyways.  Even when I was super tiny I didn’t like bikinis.  I found them uncomfortable, and (this is just for me, I’m not judging anyone who wears them) not very flattering on my body.  Plus I have some serious paranoia about skin cancer and premature skin aging from sun exposure.  I would much prefer to rock a stylish tankini/one piece with a huge hat, sunglasses and beach skirt.  So if my husband still finds me attractive, stretch marks and all, I really have nothing to complain about!

The truth about stretch marks?  Yes, they’re ugly.  Yes, you will probably get them.  Yes, they’ll follow you around forever, although if you’re lucky they may fade.  Really though, they aren’t that bad, folks!  I promise.  At the end of the pregnancy, maybe you’ll have a few, or a ton, but you know what you have that’s even better?  Your very own, custom made, perfect in every way imaginable, BABY!

So if you’re stressed out about your stretch marks, or the potential for them to show up in the future…try to remember that there is a purpose to all of this!  There is a reason for every mark and every ache.  Building babies is hard work, and you should be proud of the work your body is doing – even if it had to stretch a bit in the process!

Stretch marks –  apparently I’m totally not immune to them, and I might just end up covered by the end of this.

But they are my pregnancy battle wounds (along with the varicose/spider veins and PUPPPs scars) and I’m going to wear them with pride!

I’m 27 weeks pregnant, and I am loving my belly – stretch marks and all!

One thought on “The Truth About Stretchmarks

  1. Sweet.
    I was probably the first pregnant woman to celebrate stretch mark with my pregnancy with Kayla–took in every physical sign happily, and yes it is so worth it in the end!
    Recently have had to research how to prevent them due to Ryan’s weight lifting and developing them, and like you have found there’s not much you can do. He won’t have a beautiful baby to hold in the end, just bigger, beastly muscles. I did read Vitamin A, C D and E is good for prevention but heredity plays a large part.

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