GD and Food

I’ve now had over a week to digest my new High Risk status.  There are still so many major disappointments running through my head – still a lot of  “why me’s?!”, but I’m getting better, and trying to be more optimistic and proactive 🙂

Unfortunately, we still haven’t been able to get into see the Perinatologist (next week we go in), so the degree of my diagnosis is really up in the air right now.  At first we had hopes that maybe, just maybe the test was wrong…but after checking my blood sugar for some time, I’ve decided that I without a doubt have a problem.  Let’s just hope it’s not very bad.

The biggest hope for a Gestational Diabetes diagnosis is to remain diet controlled – aka not on insulin injections.  I am working very diligently on controlling it through diet and exercise.

A lot of friends have asked me – “so what do you have to do differently now?”…well, the easy answer – Everything. (food wise at least)

Gone are the days of eating something because it sounds good, or just grabbing whatever is in front of me to eat.  Gone are the days of carby breakfasts – no cereal, pancakes, waffles or fruit in the morning.  My new definition of sandwich does not include two pieces of bread – but one.  I now have to follow very specific rules for eating.  I have to count carbs, protein, starches, milk portions…for every single meal/snack.  I have to eat on a very timed schedule – absolutely NO skipping meals – and I have to remember to carry my trusty finger pricker and blood tester everywhere.  In short, my life revolves around my eating (and testing).

For the most part, the diet isn’t terrible, actually it’s great if you want to jump start a healthy lifestyle!  Lower carbs, lower sugar, higher protein.  The problem is, I already embraced a healthy eating lifestyle!

So to have someone tell me that I need to be even more careful, well it’s a little bit of a buzzkill.

Pretty much every meal (and snack – need three of those a day too) has to include protein…which for me is very difficult.  I went from eating meat maybe twice a week, to two times a DAY, at minimum!  I try to sub the snacks with nuts/peanut butter/eggs…It’s difficult.  The good news – I can eat as much meat as I want.  Now if only I could program my brain to see a chicken breast as food on the go.

I can also eat as much vegetables (low starchy ones) as I want, as long as I don’t eat more than a certain amount in a sitting (then I have to count the carbs).

The hard parts are fruits.  I love me some fruit.  I also love me some carbs.  Neither are easy to get on this diet.  So I strategically place my fruit throughout my snacks.  I slather apples in PB.  I hide half a banana in my yogurt (banana’s are the number 1 thing I miss right now).

I can deal with the no sugar thing pretty easily.  I don’t have the biggest sweet tooth – although, I’ll be honest with you… I eat ice cream, almost daily now 🙂  How, you ask?  Well, surprisingly, many women with GD find out that their bodies can handle random, weird things.  Some of us, find that a bedtime snack of ice cream (I get the no-sugar added vanilla) with a dose of nuts or PB for protein, actually works wonders for morning sugar numbers.  So, I get to splurge on that one little thing, and honestly, I spend the day thinking about my Bedtime Snacktime (I have a song and dance to go along with Bedtime Snacktime).  Sometimes it’s the only thing that gets me through my daily food rituals – is thinking about that snack.

To be honest though, I would so much prefer to be eating my homemade banana soft serve instead of the ice cream – *swoon*

This diet isn’t horrible, but it is hard.  It is hard to grasp this mentality of constant eats.  I miss bananas.  It is ridiculously frustrating to have to plan out meals, plan out snacks, and cut out the spontaneity in eating.  My fingers always have little prick marks on them from testing, and sometimes they’re sore.  Did I mention, I miss bananas?

The good news is, it’s temporary  (please please please let it be temporary!) and I am hoping, begging, pleading with the gods to let me go back to normal so I can have a post birth meal of pancakes and bananas.

I’m almost 28 weeks pregnant, and I have a craving for bananas – bananas that I can’t eat.


3 thoughts on “GD and Food

  1. Sounds like you have a Damion Hackett diet going on. Sadly I’ve tried to commit to his high protein diet but failed. I just can’t eat that much meat. Here’s a good idea for you on those days you don’t want to cook – Put 2 full boneless/skinless chicken breasts in a crock pot on high for 4 hours or low for 8. You may have to ask your doctor about this part but I add salsa to the crock pot for flavor instead of blah chicken. Once it’s done in the pot I shred the chicken via fork and put in a dish with lid for fridge storage. I’ll also pour some of the juice in the pot over the chicken just to keep it moist and to get some extra salsa flavoring. Then I have meat for chicken quesadilla’s a little cheese and 1 whole wheat tortilla and I have a quick meal just 5 minutes to make and overall healthy.

  2. I’ve been meaning to ask you about your diet. i need to adapt to some sorty of diabetes diet, because of my high blood sugar. Not sure where to start though. Did you see someone to put you on this diet, or did you just do research online. We need to talk about this, lady! give me some tips. 🙂

    • So far everything I’m doing is based off research and asking other GDites. I do see the nutritionist on Tuesday, so hopefully I’ll get some more deets then.

      There are definitely things you can start doing though! The main things are to reduce carbs/sugar and increase protein. You want your blood sugar to be pretty stable instead of constant huge swings up and down – protein and the proper amounts(and types) of carbs will help you do this.

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