28 Weeks Pregnant (aka SEVEN months!)


I’m seven months pregnant!  No more saying I have three months left – nope we’re working on two and a bit more months!

Baby is now the size of a: Eggplant.  She’s somewhere over 2lbs, and long enough that when she stretches out I get super uncomfortable.   Which she tests.  I think she is enjoying the whining her Momma does when she flips transverse and stretches out as far as she can go – that’s my girl – the PINS (Pain In My Stomach)

How I’m feeling: Pretty good.  The third trimester exhaustion has hit me like a ton of bricks, but most of the time I feel pretty darn good.  Pregnancy brings a whole new level to the word exhaustion.  You think you know what tired feels like…you have no idea until you’ve been pregnant.

Physical differences from last week: Belly is getting so much more round!  As mentioned previously, I starting in with the stretch marks.  Belly button is still in, but barely.  Feet are doing lots of swelling on work days, but in the morning my feet and ankles look so svelte!  The boobs are ridiculously veiny again, and it may be time for new bras.  I’ve been putting this off for pretty much the entire pregnancy!

What’s been on my mind: Getting in the swing of my GD diet.  Our appointment with the Peri is next week, as well as our seven month checkup with the regular doc.  I’m really hoping that both of these go well.  I also can’t stop wondering what this little girl is going to look like.  The Hubs and I talk about it on a regular basis.  Will she be a Ginger (I’m crossing every finger, toe, eye, muscle, hair)?  Will she have The Hubs’ super long and dark eyelashes?  Will her eyes be pools of warm chocolate, or will she end up with the Jaye MaidenName family royal blues?  It’s the most intense mystery of the century!

What I’m looking forward to: Her stroller arriving!  We ordered it this week and I CAN NOT wait!  Seriously, this makes it all so real now.  I’m tempted to walk it around the neighborhood for practice…but that might be weird, eh?

Random thoughts: Where oh where did that belly come from?  I seriously didn’t think I was growing that much until I tried taking my picture for this post!


6 thoughts on “28 Weeks Pregnant (aka SEVEN months!)

  1. You are just the cutest pregnant person I’ve ever seen. I think you’re doing an amazing job baking my grand-daughter, even with the obstacles.

    • Technically that would be the Jaye’s Mum MaidenName family hazel 😛

      I wouldn’t be surprised if she ended up with green/hazel eyes actually, since The Hubs’ has a green gene thrown in there too!

  2. You look great, Jaye! I just bought some new bras that are also nursing bras because I HATED the ones I bought at Motherhood Maternity. They are Bravado and are wonderful!!!!! A bit on higher price but def. worth it! 🙂

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