A Flirt of a Skirt

My last nursery update showed off  BGF’s finished curtains.  I was so happy that the whole “no-sew” plan worked out, because it meant that my likely-hood of pulling off a similar no-sew crib skirt was pretty high.

I was so excited that it worked, that the next day I broke out the leftover fabric and measured out the pieces for a three sided skirt.

Now, let me warn you about something.  This isn’t the kind of skirt you see on a normal bed – or in a regular crib bedding set.  This is a 100% cheated crib skirt.  It gives the look of a perfectly mass produced skirt, but it is most definitely not.  Truly, it is just three small panels, Velcro’d (YES) to the mattress support in the crib.  The reason I chose to do it this way, instead of actually making a full skirt with a top connector piece of fabric, was two fold.  1) This way was undoubtedly easier – as in, it took less than one hour, and 2) This way is so much more easily altered in the future when we lower the crib.  In the event that we don’t like the length when we lower the mattress for toddlerhood, all I have to do is scooch (technical term) up the fabric a little bit more on the support and add a few more pieces of Velcro to hold it in it’s new place.  I really like this plan.

So, here is my outcome, after following the super easy tutorial for a NO SEW crib skirt over at YoungHouseLove

Pretty good if I do say so myself!

Now all the crib needs is a sheet.  The jury is still out on what we’ll do about that.  I might sew a few (no new-sew tutorials out there for sheets…) or if I get lucky, I’ll find some in the right colour.

If you’re lucky I’ll give some more updates next weekend.  We’ve got some pretty awesome details almost ready to show off!


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