Baby Mobile

A few months ago I told you about our hunt for the perfect stroller

Well, months and months of price searching later – we finally took the plunge and bought BGF’s new ride. (The UPPAbaby Vista!)

It felt like Christmas waiting for that box to arrive.  There was speculation in our house as to whether I was more excited about the stroller or the actual Baby…

Totally more excited for the stroller.

Just kidding!

Joking aside – I absolutely love this thing.  It was well worth the research and money.  I love love love the bassinet.  Of course we’ll see when she gets here, but I honestly don’t see myself using the click in option for the infant car seat.  At least not much.  It just doesn’t fit our lifestyle, but the bassinet will do awesome for when I’m not babywearing.

It is pretty awesome to have a STROLLER!  It really makes this whole Baby thing real, very real.

I thought having the crib would make it real, but the truth is, even with her room coming together and nearing completion, it’s still behind closed doors.  I take a peek in there every day or so, but the closed door + the fact that it’s all just furniture and normal homey things…makes it not so Baby-esque.  I mean, the crib could be for an adult… Uhhh

But a stroller, nope, a stroller is just something so strange to own.  There is going to be a Baby in my house, and she’s going to ride in a stroller.  A stroller that has a bassinet, which is oh so adorable.

So now I’m working on getting the hang of folding and unfolding this thing.  It would be quite an understatement if I said that I look awkward doing it now.  For some reason stroller folding 101 was not offered in Uni, nor is it a very intuitive thing.  Don’t take this to mean that the stroller is difficult to fold – as it’s actually very easy.  I’m just incompetent when it comes to folding strollers, apparently.  Or maybe I just feel like a different person when I’m folding it.

Kind of like a Momma.

Yup, that’s it.

Folding that stroller makes me feel like I’m testing out this new role, and I have to do is just perfectly.  I’m taking my new job seriously.


2 thoughts on “Baby Mobile

  1. Six months into the whole parenting thing and I’m STILL pretty terrible at folding up a stroller. 😉

    Love the one you picked out! So pretty!

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