Now We’re Getting Somewhere

Ugg.  The Nursery.

BGF’s room is coming together.  Slowly.  Like, molasses slow.

I have less than two weeks until my *deadline* of when I wanted her room done.  As it looks right now, 100% complete won’t happen, but we’re shooting for 85%.  I’m working on the mobile this week, and her closet is getting done next weekend.  After that it’s all little decor things, which I’m semi-comfortable with taking my time on.

One big area of her room got some pretty good attention this week though.

She has a dresser!  Not to mention a mirror!  AND a lamp!

All this puppy needs is all of the goods to become a functioning changing station, and it will be ready for her arrival.  We ended up not buying a dresser, and instead re-purposed one my Mum had that she wasn’t in love with.  That crisp looking dresser used to be black and brown.  After lots and lots of elbow grease from my Mum, it now looks light and girly.  I love it!

The mirror and lamp were magical purchases.  I had almost given up on finding exactly what I wanted in the light department.  For some reason, as soon as you are about to give up, the perfect thing always finds it’s way to you.  Wouldn’t you know, we found exactly the lamp I had in mind at HomeGoods one afternoon, as well as this mirror.  Which originally looked like this…

Trust me when I say, it looks much better gray, and that these pictures don’t do it justice.  The gray is not gloomy in the least, but instead gives the perfect touch of gray to tie in the curtains.  We didn’t want to gloom and doom the room with lots of gray, but needed something to ground the white and yellows.  I love how it turned out!

A few steps closer.

Only a million more things to do before I can call this room perfect.


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