30 Weeks Pregnant

I had kind of decided to start doing these biweekly updates on a monthly basis instead.

Then I decided that I would AT least give you a 30 week update, since 30 weeks is a pretty big deal.  You know, a 75% baked kind of BIG deal.

Let me just say.  I never saw myself as pregnant, let alone 30 weeks, seven months pregnant.  It’s the most surreal experience I’ve ever had.  We are 3/4 of the way to Baby (or less if you consider the fact that I will most likely be induced early.)

This week I’m rocking the photography style of  “No one is around to take my picture, and I absolutely suck at doing this myself, so we’re going to focus the camera on something that isn’t part of my body (like a mirror frame)”  Hello dusty mirror!

Baby is now the size of a: Pumpkin/squash?  Something like that!  We found out at our Level II ultrasound last week that she was 2lbs15 oz.  That was last Tuesday, so I’m assuming now we’re well over 3lbs.  Unlike regular ultrasounds which are notoriously OFF with guessing the weight, a Level II is much more detail oriented (seriously, I had to even lay on my side so the tech could jam the conductor into my hip where BGF was hiding her head) and averages 2 oz. off.  We were told she was in the 55th percentile (and just perfect!)

We have moved up to weekly prenatal appointments.  Usually this doesn’t happen until the 36 week point, but with my GD my OB has put me on increased monitoring.  So every week I get to go in for a quick check up and a Biophysical Profile ultrasound.  It’s basically a series of tests they put the baby through (well not really, she’s not really aware she’s being tested, of course!) like heart tones, breathing, fluid levels, movement etc.  The baby has 15minutes to pass all the checks, if not, they have reason for concern.  We had our first one this morning, and I’m proud to announce that my daughter is a GREAT test taker 🙂  She passed through everything in less than TWO minutes!  Woot woot!

How I’m feeling: Great!  Still lots of exhaustion, that’s definitely not lifting.  But I’m feeling nice and glowy with my super round baby belly.  I am feeling a little frustrated with my Gestational Diabetes.  I feel like I’m eating constantly (which I am) but yet I’m ALWAYS hungry.  Unfortunately, I haven’t been 100% successful at controlling the GD, so I’m now being put on an oral medication to bring down my overnight glucose levels.  This is really mentally frustrating.  I know I’m doing what I need to do to bring BGF into this world healthy… but it makes me sad that it’s come to medication.

Physical differences from last week: Still getting bigger!  On the other side of the coin, I’ve been losing weight. Which is completely normal for GD cases, but still makes me feel a little strange since BGF is growing so much now.   Feet are still swelling, skin still stretching, belly button still IN (pop out please!)

What’s been on my mind: Starting to stress out with the ever growing to-do list.  So much to work on with the nursery still…Need to find a pediatrician, build cloth diaper stash, test drive cars, spring clean the house while I still can, buy lots of baby things, make freezer food lists…Ugg I’m stressed just thinking about the constantly growing, never ending list of things to do – and it just so happens that every day I have one less day to do it all…  Funny how time works, eh?

What I’m looking forward to: My Baby Shower!  Getting a move on with nursery decor already.  I’m such a slacker.

Random thoughts: Sidebar

It’s a baby explosion in my area of the world right now!  My two close friends from high school both gave birth on Tuesday and I am beyond thrilled for them and their new bundles of joy – one of which I got to meet this weekend!

This is little June.

She is just so pleasant and perfect.  The little angel slept during my entire visit.  Yet even in her deep, milk coma she proved she has in fact inherited her Momma’s personality and made funny faces at Auntie Jaye.  Her little friend that’s still taking up residence in my belly even said hello to Baby June with lots of baby thumps.  BGF must be pretty excited to come out and meet her new friend!

It was a wonderful visit.  I loved every second of it, and found myself captivated by this tiny beauty, while she dreamt of all the wonders that babies dream up.


This is life, right here.  The future, wrapped up in in a burrito.

And what a bright and wonderful future it will be.


2 thoughts on “30 Weeks Pregnant

  1. Oh my goodness!! First off the bump is ridiculously cute, 2nd off that baby is Absolutly adorable!!!

    Keep it goin Jaye, Dont stress about all the little things, they will get done.. They will!! =)
    Take it easy and enjoy these last 10 weeks!! =)

  2. I am so so SO happy to hear Baby Fay is head down! And I love the nursery progress, everything is so chic and ADORABLE!!!!

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