Nursery Deets

So that no one thinks I’ve fallen off the face of Nursery Planet over here –

We’re still not 100% done with it, but here is BGF’s closet.  It was originally a regular closet with the rod up high.  Not really conducive to baby things that are small.  So my wonderful family helped by designing and building the extra shelves so that we have a more usable space.  Still on the hunt for more baskets.

If you look real close you can see my Precious Moments train on the top shelf.  This was one of my favourite possessions when I was little.  My Aunt Cara would buy me a new piece to my train every year for my birthday.  I’m very happy to pass it on to my own little girl, now!

After lots and lots of searching, I found a cheapo IKEA footstool ($14.99!) to go with her chair.  It’s wonderfully comfy for my swollen pregnant feet.

The elephant drawer!


This really started out as me wanting to show you the drawer liners we made.  I love elephants, and found this cute elephant wrapping paper that would be perfect for lining her dresser drawers.   Add in a few drawer inserts to hold small baby clothes, a bunch of elephant baby clothes and you have – BGF’s elephant drawer!

This next photo is really dear to my heart.  A while ago we found a picture of a mama elephant and baby elephant (kind of like these) that said J’aime ma maman on it.  With my french background, and love for elephants, it was perfect.  Much cheaper to re-create at home.  So, Mum and I found a template, some cool scrapbook papers and along I went to make these.  There is a matching Papa one, which I’ll have up for the grand nursery reveal.

The thing we did that I’m most proud of….

Her flower mobile!

I had my heart set on an all white, floral mobile.  Of course, there was nothing out there that was perfect to buy, and given me and my knack for trying to do too much – decided to recreate this beauty.

Mum cut out the flower layers and the leaves out of white felt.  The flowers were sewn together and a jewel added.  Lastly, I strung them all together and hung them from embroidery hoops.

I think it’s quite magnificent for a homemade mobile.

The room is coming together so exactly the way I imagined it!  Next weekend is my shower, so I plan to finish up the other small things on Sunday and hopefully, if all the stars are aligned…post the official nursery reveal soon after that.


5 thoughts on “Nursery Deets

  1. Jaye, I LOVE it!! The mobile looks amazing!! You are doing such a phenomenal job 🙂 And the elephants are adorable!!! Not too long now and you’ll be adding the most important detail to the room – Baby Girl!! EEeekkk

  2. Room is beautiful! You did a wonderful job on the mobile and all the other details. Baby A will be a happy baby in that room.

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