Aria’s Room

It’s magical how almost overnight the nursery we were working on suddenly became someone’s room.  Of course, this someone isn’t just anyone.  She is the most spectacular person I know (and we haven’t even formally met yet!)

Sometime in the next month we’ll be bringing home our little Aria, and when she gets here, she will have her very own room.

This bedroom has been my designing love child.  It’s a place that I struggled with creating for many months, until I found the one piece (fabric) that seeded the entire room.  Every little piece we found/made, every small memento from my childhood, all of the wonderful things that this little girl has been given from beloved family and friends, have made this room such a special place to be.

I am ecstatic with how it turned out, and can’t wait to see how Aria’s presence will make it an even more wonderful place.

I simply couldn’t help myself when I saw this elephant pillow on Etsy.  It just happened to be the perfect colours, and completely perfect for her room.


This last one is a name frame that my Aunt Cara made.  We’ll be putting a baby photo in it after little Aria is here.

As with any room, it is a work in progress – for life.  Sure, there are things I still would like to get for it, the elephant clothes hamper to be specific!  But, for now, it feels just right the way it is.  From this moment on, it is hers, and she will make it her own.

It is warm and soothing.  It has just enough of a childish touch to make it a fitting place for a baby.  There isn’t one thing in this room that wasn’t put there with careful attention to where and why.

I can hardly wait until there is a little toddler running around in there to mess it all up!

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16 thoughts on “Aria’s Room

  1. Beautiful is an understatement. It is absolutely perfect, it looks like something out of a magazine. I absolutely love it!!!

  2. It looks so perfect Jaye (and The Hubs). Everything was just meant to be, right down to that elephant pillow that was made for this room.
    It won’t be long.

  3. The room is absolutely beautiful. I can’t wait to see her in it. The handmade things make the room as special as it is.

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