A Betta Jetta

If you remember, a lonnnng time ago, I wrote a post about our plans for a new car with the baby on the way.  I look back on this post today, and I laugh…a little.

What we ended up doing is so not what I initially thought we would end up with.  Not in a million years.

I considered the Ford Fusion, Escape, Toyota Prius, or a new Camry…Nissan Altima…the Hyundai Sonata.  Let’s be clear.  I had a lot of cars on my list.

None of them were it.

Today, after the most amazing car buying experience in the world, we brought home a Volkswagen Jetta.

Let me be honest with you though, I’ve never really had a bad car buying experience.  I know plenty of people that have…but I’ve had some amazing luck in the past, and today we definitely had a little help from my guardian angel (thanks, Dad!)

The past few weeks I have been stressing out about a car.  The Hubs Saturn has seen better days, and honestly, it just isn’t safe enough or comfortable enough to be a ride for a newborn.  Plus, it’s a manual transmission, and although I can drive them (story in a moment), I absolutely choose not to.   So a new (to us) car was the plan.  With my belly not getting any smaller, and my body preparing to evacuate a baby sometime in the next…meh 25 days or so…getting this done was at the very top of my to do list.

Countless hours were spent on the interwebs, searching both private party sales, and dealership inventories.  What it came down to?  Apparently, I’m a cheapomatic.  I’m neurotic about car prices.  I have a figure in my head that I feel is a decent price to pay for a car, and I seriously never plan on buying a car that’s more than that amount.  It has nothing to do with what we can/can’t afford, I just have an issue with spending a lot on such a huge depreciating asset.  Apparently, my figure is a cheap one.  I had a ridiculous time finding something in that price range that didn’t have an odometer reading that scared me, or wasn’t pre-historic.  Yes, I’m exaggerating, because my price limit is actually not next to the cost of a paper box.

Anyways.  I made a list of a few vehicles to check out, and on Friday we went to a dealership downtown.  It sucked.  They ended up only having one of the cars on the lot…??? and it was in pretty icky shape for a 2010 model!  So, we left, dejected.

Then I randomly found an Altima at Peoria VW that looked pretty promising.  While researching Peoria VW (don’t ever skip researching the dealerships before you visit them!  Reviews are GOLDEN) I found out something quite surprising.  They had a full five star customer rating.  Umm, what?  A dealership that has five star reviews, across the board?  You betcha.  Oh Peoria VW, this is where our relationship started.

I checked out the rest of their available inventory, and noticed that the used Jetta’s were actually also, quite promising.

That’s when it happened.

My memory took me back to my first ever, legal driving experience (my first was a completely illegal, joy ride up our street when I was 14 in my brothers car…I almost hit a kid on a skateboard, oops.)  My Dad’s VW Jetta.  Manual transmission.  That is the car I learned to drive on.  My Dad’s idea of a driving lesson (my first!) was to take me up to a mountain side community that was in the construction phase, park the car on one side of the road, facing DOWNHILL, and have me reverse up the mountain street (IN A STICK SHIFT) and back down again.  He was a lunatic, but man, was he a good driver, and I like to think that I am too, thanks to this very important lesson.

Anyways, as you can tell, the Jetta and I have somewhat of a relationship already.  As soon as I remembered this, I felt a sort of peace.  I knew what car we would get, and I knew it would happen smoothly.

I couldn’t have been more right.  We got to the dealership, met with a representative and test drove a few cars.  Not once were we pressured, actually, the rep never even asked us if we wanted to buy a car, the car, any car, or what he needed to do to make a sale.  It was all very laid back and awesome.  We were both pretty sold on the Jetta within the time limits of the first test drive, but had a wedding to get to in Scottsdale, and refused to buy a car the first time visiting the dealership.  Instead, I made an appointment for Sunday morning.  Sunday morning, we arrived, and an hour later, we drove away in our new baby.

I could talk all day about why the experience was so great.  It was so not stressful, there was no pressure, ever, and the staff was amazing.

The car we ended up with wasn’t at all what I expected or planned for.  Instead, it’s quite a bit more.  It’s fun and spunky.  Most importantly, it has great safety ratings.  Our car seat even fits in the middle of the back seat, which was one of the most important things for me when looking at vehicles.

You know what’s most awesome though?

This trunk is way awesome!

Our stroller would usually take up the majority of the space in even a full size sedan trunk.  Here, it literally takes up about half, still plenty of room for groceries, baby gear and other stuff that ends up in the trunk of a growing family.

So, there is my happy story for the day.

A new car, and a very happy Fay family!


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