Baby Prepping Weekend

As of today we are planning to only have two more weekends to get ready for BGF.

The first time I thought of how many weekends we had left before meeting her – I was 22 weeks, and had 18 weekends left.

This is so much closer.  So close I can barely believe it.

The past week we’ve been moving quite well with getting this ready.

Car seats were installed and inspected.  Car was bought.  The rest of her newborn diaper stash arrived.  Deep house cleaning had commenced.  Freezer meal list was made.  Co-sleeper was set up.

I was feeling pretty good with where we were, but as usual, as the list of to-do items dwindled, I kept thinking of new things to add.

The only thing that was absolutely necessary, and totally not ready was our hospital bag.  I hadn’t even thought of getting it ready.

Of course because it wasn’t ready,  it figures that I ended up in triage Friday morning after my OB appointment.  All was a false alarm, I was basically being monitored and having some additional testing done to see if I was experiencing a slow amniotic fluid leak.  All the tests came back negative, and BGF is doing just fine, but I left the hospital a little anxious.  We needed a hardcore “Baby Prepping Weekend.”  The hospital visit was a rude awakening that this Baby could be here at any moment.

So this weekend, we checked off a lot more off the list.  Hopefully I have at least one more weekend before BGFs arrival to get the house finished and freezer meals made, but as of today, she can come.  Now.  Tomorrow.  Or in a few weeks.

What was on our to do list for the weekend?

  • Wash any newborn clothes not washed yet – CHECK
  • Prep prefold diapers – CHECK
  • Make laundry line for drying clothes in the summer sun while I’m home – CHECK
  • Organize kitchen cabinets, make room for baby supplies – CHECK
  • Clean and organize garage – CHECK
  • Buy nursing tanks and robe for hospital – CHECK
  • Pack hospital bag – CHECK (okay, technically it’s not done at this exact moment, but everything is waiting to be packed, and it’ll be done before bedtime tonight)
  • Buy birthing ball – CHECK
  • Discuss and take notes for “informal” birth plan – CHECK

It may not really seem like a lot, but it was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders!

Now our list consists of –

  • Finish “spring” cleaning the house
  • Transfer Hypnobabies tracks to iPod
  • Make freezer meals
  • Buy snacks to take to hospital
  • Buy and prepare diaper bag (if this doesn’t happen before she gets here, I won’t be butt hurt.  My purse is more than adequate for a few days if it needs to be)

Fingers crossed that all of this happens this coming week/weekend!

Fingers double crossed that our baby girl is ready and decides to come out sometime in the next two weeks so we can avoid the nasty induction talk.


One thought on “Baby Prepping Weekend

  1. Ohhh please do tell when you get the freezer meals prepped! I am always in search of good cook and freeze meals. And by snacks for the hospital, I assume you mean a cooler!!!

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