A Surprise and a Shower

A few weeks ago I was given the most amazing gift a girl could ask for.

My amazing friend, Erin (along with her husband and 3 month old baby girl) showed up, unexpected on my doorstep – all the way from Canada!

Apparently, it was a surprise that she and The Hubs had been in on for months.  The plan was to come down to surprise me for my Baby Shower, and spent the week with us.  It was a much needed surprise, and boost in my spirits.  I still can’t believe I have such awesome people in my life!

So over the week of their visit, we spent some quality time with our good friends, and I got to know their little bundle of joy.

I wasn’t expecting to meet little Regan until she was almost a year old (our next planned trip to Canada.)  There is nothing quite like seeing one of your closest friends being a mother, and meeting the little person she made.  I’ve been so lucky to see this transition in quite a few friends over the last few months!

Regan may not understand what I’m saying just yet, but I’ve told her all about how her Mummy and I have known each other since we were toddlers, and how she and BGF are going to know each other too.  They’re going to be such good pen pals and a great excuse to fly home more often to get in some quality baby friend time.

As if the surprise visit wasn’t enough excitement for one week, I also had my Baby Shower!

It was such a beautiful day.  Julie hosted the event, and it truly couldn’t have been more perfect. (I totally don’t have many pictures, so for a more detailed photo spread of the event, check out Julie’s blog)

The decorations were beautiful – check out the pretty sign she made.

We brought it home so that we can hang it when we bring Ariadne home from hospital 🙂

The food was delightful.  I could really go for some of the crockpot meatballs she made.  Momma loves crockpot meatballs!

Even the cake was beyond adorable.  It matched BGF’s room and her devout love for all things elephant.

BGF and I were spoiled senseless.  I still can’t believe how thoughtful and generous our family and friends are.  This little girl has so much stuff already, and I know she’s going to love using everything 🙂

Huge thanks go to my two closest friends (and their gorgeous little girls), for making May such a special month!


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