Birth Story Part I – The Surprise Start to our Planned Induction

Wednesday did not start as any other day.

I woke up knowing that today I was going to be in labour that evening.  A weird feeling indeed.  No surprises, but a plan.  For the first time in my life, I hated having a plan, but was trying to be optimistic.  We were about to meet our Baby, afterall!

We spent the day cleaning, repacking the bag (because now I was worried we hadn’t packed it well the first time), running last minute errands, and just making sure we were ready.  I guess in this sense, induction was a blessing.

On Tuesday we had been told to expect a call in the late evening (no earlier then 7pm), to be at the hospital around midnight.  So, thinking we still had plenty of time, at 5:30pm, I hung up the last round of wet laundry to dry – planning to put them away when I got home.  We still had things covering the bed for the hospital bags that I was repacking.  With at least 5 hours before we needed to leave, we let it all be and went out to dinner.  Our last dinner as just the two of us.

It felt leisurely, and strange…going into a restaurant (RedRobin was the choice…I’m klassy with my last meals!) knowing I was about to be in labour within hours.  So strange.

Looking back, this moment, the moment we walked into the restaurant, was the beginning of us being sent off the planned path.  From that moment on things definitely didn’t go as planned (Hah!)…

We ordered our food, and within seconds my phone rang.

It was the hospital.  They wanted to know if we could come in to start our induction.

I laughed and told the nurse that I wasn’t expecting this call until after 7, and not to be called in until midnight!  I told her we were out to eat, and couldn’t get there just yet. I heard the smile in her voice as she assured me we had time, and to come in for 8pm if we could.

I started to panic a bit.  Until this point, I still had the opportunity to go into labour on my own (wishful thinking 🙂 ) and I just wasn’t prepared to walk into that hospital not in labour.   But we had to do it.

Our food came, we requested the check, and both scarfed our last meal down.  Not really the relaxing dinner we had planned.   This was a surprise.  I was preparing for induction, knowing the  exact time, and fate was handing me a new card.  Things could still trip me up, throw me through a loop and make me feel that this birthing could be a little more unexpected.  I smiled, thinking this was a good sign.

I wish I knew at that moment just how unexpected our birthing experience was about to be…

While racing (at a normal, non illegal pace) home, we ran through the quick list of things we had to do.  We were in and out of the house within 20 minutes.  Wet clothes still on the drying rack and the house slightly untidy (so much for a clean house to come home to)

At 7:30pm, we walked into the hospital, and settled into our labour and delivery room.

I was more than a little bit nervous as the nurse came in and started running through all the paperwork, asking me a million and a half questions, and hooking me up to my hep lock and the monitors.  Luckily, we were given a little time to let it all sink in.  The ward was busy that night, and we wouldn’t actually be able to meet with our night nurse for a few hours, so we were just able to hang out and watch TV before starting the induction.

This was ridiculously not relaxing, since we’re not big TV watchers anyway.  I tried to read a book, but kept being distracted by the monitors I was hooked up to.  For months I had been feeling very regular contractions (never painful, just mildly uncomfortable at worst) but thought nothing of it.  Now, watching the monitor, I realized something had changed.  Not only were they regular, but they were lengthening, and during this “waiting” time, I realized that they were even a bit stronger.  Still, I didn’t think much of it, these contractions weren’t causing me much discomfort.

At about 10pm we met our nurse, Taylor.  She was sweet, bubbly and cute as a button.  The first thing she did was check the monitor tape and ask if I was feeling these contractions.  I told her I was.  When she asked about my pain level from 1-10, I responded with “zero”.  She appeared a bit shocked, and told me I was having regular contractions every 3-4 minutes.

My heart soared with glee.  Maybe I was actually going to go into labour on my own!  Maybe we wouldn’t need the evil pitocin afterall.  Maybe this would still happen on my terms!

After talking to my doctor, we decided to place the first round of cervix softening gel in anyways, since I was definitely not in active labour, and see if that would kick start my body to keep going on it’s own.

The gel went in at 10:30pm.  I was to lay in bed for the first hour, then get up and walk for an hour before being checked for progress.

Barely twenty minutes later, we were thrown through another loop.

I was getting uncomfortable on my back – that big belly was still a hindrance to comfortable resting.  So I had The Hubs try to prop me up on my side with pillows.  As soon as I moved to roll over, I felt a huge gush of fluid come out of me.  My initial thought was “Shoot, I just pushed out the gel!”  I sent The Hubs off to find the nurse, since I figured I’d now ruined the first round and we’d have to start over.  In Taylor came.

Me:  “Taylor, I think I just pushed out the gel when I moved.  Either that or I just peed myself, and if that’s the case, I’m going to be mortified.”

Taylor: laughing “It’s probably just the gels, I doubt you peed.” She lifted up my blankets, assessing the damage I had done. “Umm…I think your water just broke…yup, this is definitely your water!”

Me: “Huh?  So I didn’t pee myself afterall?”

On the outside, I was all laid back, happy that I didn’t need to be horrified of my hypothetical public release of Urine Falls.  On the inside, my mind was going a million miles a second.  My water just broke!  On it’s own! I’m in LABOUR!

Oh surprises, surprises.

Deep down inside, I was worried.  I knew that my water breaking at the hospital started a clock on getting this baby out.  I was hopeful though.  Maybe, just maybe, my body would do it’s thing.

With the approval from our doctor, we decided to forgo the rest of the gels, and hold off on pitocin for five hours, to see if my body would take over.


2 thoughts on “Birth Story Part I – The Surprise Start to our Planned Induction

  1. Eeee! I’ve been dying for you to post! I can’t wait to hear the rest, this first part is just craziness. Your labor nurse sounds pretty darn awesome. 😉

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