Cloth Diapering a Newborn

When Ariadne was only two days old, we met with a lactation consultant (a story for another post) who was giddy at my mention of us cloth diapering our newborn.  She asked what made us make this decision.

My answer was a strong “There was never a time when I didn’t plan to!”

Disposables just aren’t for us, and since we have such a great situation with The Hubs being able to take over daycare duty when I go back to work, there was nothing holding us back.  Finding a daycare that permits cloth diapering is relatively difficult still.

A lot of cloth diapering parents start out with a plan to “Give it a try.”  This was most definitely not our mentality.

We dove head first into it knowing that we would do it, no matter what.  It was just very important to us.  I grew up with sensitive skin issues, and didn’t want Aria to have any un-necessary chemicals touching her little bum.  I also tend to live a bit more of the crunchy green lifestyle, so the cloth diapering plan fit better with my vision of being as “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” as possible.

**Soft fluffy bum**

Not only did we have the goal of cloth diapering for the long term, but also to start out while we were in the hospital.  A lot of parents wait to start their CD adventure until they get home (or even weeks later).  There are many reasons to do this, for one, if using pocket or all-in-one diapers, they sometimes don’t fit tiny infants that early.  There are also already so many stresses going on with having a new baby, that one more adventure is just too much for the first few days/weeks.  Then there is the problem of bringing diapers with you to the hospital, not being able to wash them there etc.  The most common argument I heard though was that the meconium poop (Baby’s first bowel movements) are so tar-like and difficult to wash out that it’s not worth ruining the diapers in the beginning.

We decided to throw caution to the wind and see how things went, from the very start.  Well, I’m proud to say, our little girl has never had a disposable dipe touch her little bum.  She’s been a cloth baby from her first moments of life.

**Prefold sans cover,  folded in the back to give a shorter rise**

Although we have a few pocket diapers for when she’s bigger, we primarily plan to stick with prefolds/covers (what we’re doing now) for the long term.  Prefolds work surprisingly well for a newborn.  There are so many fold options to get maximum coverage for your infant, and it’s very easy to fold down to size them.

When we went into the hospital to have Aria, we packed with us 18 prefolds, 2 covers, a handful of cloth wipes, a snappi and a large wet bag.  I planned on staying in the hospital for as short of a period of time as possible, but figured if we needed more dipes, The Hubs could come home and pick up more.  In the end, we stayed for just ab0ut 24 hours after birth, and had PLENTY of clean dipes left in the bag when we came home.

Diapering in the hospital was super comfortable and easy.  All of the nurses were so interested in the nifty contraption that covered our daughters bum.  They were very attentive to helping The Hubs take on his first task as Daddy: Diapering his Baby Girl for the first time.  It was one of our Birth Plan requests, that he be able to have all those firsts with her, her first diaper, her first bath…and even though I know he was nervous, he did a fabulous job. We’ve been hooked since that first dipe.  Oh and that meconium poop?  We only had two meconium bowel movements, and after being washed, and hung in the sun, there is only a slight slight tinge to those two diapers.  No big deal!

**With cover – Thirsties XS**

It is SO easy guys.  Sure, it looks a bit more complicated, but it’s really not that bad.  Once you figure out what fold works best for your Baby, it’s all downhill from there.  I was surprised when The Hubs said how much he liked it.  Being that he’s the primary diaper changer right now, I think this is a good thing 🙂  I love them too, and love even more that we don’t ever have to worry about running out of diapers in the middle of the night, or spending a fortune on disposables over the diapering lifetime of our children.

The laundering isn’t a problem at all, which a lot of people worry about.  We wash our stash about every two days, and a large part of the dipes we wash are what I like to call, the “Second Wave Dirties.”  Our little girl has a tendency to do a poop recall the second a new dipe is put under her bum for folding.  No matter how much poop was in the dirty dipe, she always finds more in her system to dirty a second one.  Or third.  Or fourth.

On the third night as parents, at 3am, The Hubs and I were in hysterical laughter as we went through SIX diapers in one change.  She was becoming a well oiled pooping machine.  What is so fabulous about this situation, is that if we were using disposables, that would have been six diapers to throw away.  Instead, we just had to toss them in the wash and let the sun do the drying.

So, if you’re thinking about trying them out, I encourage you to give it a go.  It’s definitely not for everyone, but we couldn’t be more pleased with the results – and Baby Girl seems pretty content with her bum fashion too…


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