The Baby Whisperer – Noise

When I was a kid, I knew the cardinal rule of being around sleeping babies: quiet voices. 

I’ve learned though, that not all babies like quiet. 

Since bringing Ariadne (aka Muffin, BGWF/BGF, Aria) home from the hospital, we’ve never really had our house quiet.  I didn’t want to train my little girl that the only time she could sleep was with perfect quiet.  So we never lowered our voices when trying to get her to sleep, would leave the TV on normal volume levels, would vacuum or use the garbage disposal with her right there…etc.  It’s worked like a dream so far. 

So much so, that she has zero problems sleeping through loud, busy restaurant visits, and is not startled when one of our cats starts meowing at his loudest voice to get cuddles (a nightly occurance.)

A blessing to say the least!

Well, of course going to bed in the evening is a rough thing for us.  See…we don’t like to sleep with lots of noise.  I don’t like the utter silence of a still room, so I keep the fan running, and I used to sleep with a cat purring next to my face all night (before I had a baby in our room that is.)  But that is nowhere near enough noise for Ariadne.  

She also has another problem – maybe I’ll make a post about those issues in detail…she’s scared of the dark.  So in order to get her to go to bed, we have to make sure she falls asleep with the lights on and turn them off when she’s out. 

Enter the gods’ gift to babies like ours –

The Fisher Price Seahorse. 

I heard about how fantastic this toy was for newborns when I was pregnant.  So did my Mum, which led to her buying us one before I gave birth.  I can’t believe I forgot about it until we’d gone through 3 weeks of difficulty sleeping at night.

I pulled out this little magical friend last week and was thrilled when Aria took to it with as much fervor as she has with the boob.

It plays soft lullaby short songs, and it’s tummy glows. 

She LOVES it.  I lay it in her cosleeper (usually at the foot of the bed so it’s far away from being a suffocation risk) and it emits just the perfect amount of light and noise to lull our little girl into a perfect slumber. 

The only problem with the Magical Seahorse (as I’ve called it) is that the music/light only stays on for about 8 minutes.  Most people know, it takes a baby much longer than 8 minutes to get to a deep sleep.  So I usually have to stay up and push the belly at least 3 times until she’ll stay asleep.

That’s how we ended up with the Giraffe.

Now, this little guy (the Cloud B Soothing Sounds Giraffe) doesn’t glow…his only downfall…but he does play four different noises (not music, just sounds…like a stream, white noise and crickets) that you can set to a 20/40 minute intervals. 

This guy is fantastic!

I use him when I’m nursing for the last feeding of the evening because it puts her right to sleep on the breast, and then I can transfer her sleeping body to her bassinet with him, where she’ll continue to zonk out. 

I’m finding that the noises vs the music of the Magical Seahorse are actually helping her to fall asleep better with quiet as well.  I of course, don’t want her to get so used to noise that she absolutely can’t sleep in silence, so I try to let her get her naps without noise, and sometimes it works.  But honestly, with things like this and other popular white noise machines, it’s really not a big deal to have noise  for a baby anymore.  Silence is more difficult to come by, so I’ll take the hand I’m dealt.

If you have a baby like ours though, I would highly recommend both of these items.  They both get A LOT of use in our house on a daily basis, and we even find the music/noises to be soothing and sleep inducing.  Perfect for the sleep deprived parents of a newborn!

Check out the team as they work their butts off


2 thoughts on “The Baby Whisperer – Noise

  1. and if you need even longer…. you can always play your hypnobaby tapes for her! *smile* So glad she likes them and they work. She’s a true chip off the old generational blocks; we all like rhythemic, calming sounds to sleep by….. fans, clocks, water and especially the pitter patter of gentle steady rain. Snoring not included, no matter how rhythemic.

  2. We have an “ocean motion” thing that attaches to the side of the crib. It glows (with a little ocean scene, complete with swimming fish) and plays little tunes, classical music or just wave noises. It is amazing!

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