Oops, did I do that?

Being a parent is messy business.

Take this afternoon for example –

I’m hanging out with a sleeping baby nestled under my still exposed boob, all calmlike.  I like to leave my nips exposed to the open air for drying after Aria pops off and falls asleep in my arms.  Apparently, my body has decided it has a way of telling me when I’ve exposed them to too much fresh air.

There I was, hanging out, when I heard a loud gushing noise, followed by the sound of a sprinkler spicket being turned on (TRUE STORY.)  I look down and see first, my smiling baby, second, my smiling baby covered in milk, and third, milk spraying out of my exposed nipple with the force of ten jet engines. 

Now, I’ve seen it all.

Prior to this I was used to seeing squirts, sprays, small jets even, of milk coming out of my breasts.  Never before has it been quite this noisy, or with quite this much force. 

I’m lucky Aria was sleeping, because if her eyes were open, I’m positive she’d have lost an eyeball.


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