One Month Old

**This post was orginially written on Aria’s One Month Birthday, I’m a few days late posting it…**

Or 1/12 of a year old!

Chunky Monkey is officially 11 lbs!  That’s some good Milkie Milk she’s gettin’!

11lbs??  No way!

The last month of our lives have gone by so fast.  It’s impossible to think that only a month and a day ago I still had a swollen baby belly.  A month ago I was getting used to having an outside baby.  A month ago we were learning to cloth diaper this tiny human, I was learning to feed that human from my boob and we were realizing that this parenthood thing was ours for keeps. 

On her one month birthday interview, Ariadne told us the following:

She Loves

The Boob/Milkie Milk

Bathtime (although it didn’t start out that way!)

Her Soothing Sounds Giraffe and Glow and Soothe Seahorse

Taking walks/running errands in her stroller bassinet

Sleeping on her Momma

She Hates

Tummy Time

Having her face washed

Being swaddled

The pacifier

The Moby Wrap – This breaks my heart, and I’m hoping it’s more that she gets so hot in it (thanks, Arizona…I hate your summers with a passion) than hates being worn because I have a Ring Sling on the way to see if that is a bit more to her liking.

I not so secretly hope to turn all of the Hates into Loves over the next month, but we’ll see how things go 🙂

It’s been a month of firsts, a month of love, a month of growth – for all three of us.

When you prepare to have a child, you dream about all of the things you will teach him/her.  I thought of all of the awesome things I could tell our baby girl about space, how to bake cookies, braid her own hair, who Harry Potter is…you know, the important things for little girls to know.  I imagined watching The Hubs teach her to ride a bike (kids do still ride bikes, right?) dunk a basketball and tie her shoes.  I thought parenthood was all about raising a baby to be an adult, teaching them how to do that, protecting them while they do it.

The funny thing is, being a parent isn’t so much about teaching a small person things.  It’s more about that tiny individual teaching US how to be parents, to be a bit wiser, more patient, and a whole lot more passionate about life and love. 

In the past month, our little Aria has grown so much, but we’ve grown even more.


6 thoughts on “One Month Old

  1. She is perfect…. it still amazes me how big she looks and how “mature” she looks in these photos… and then in person, she is still so small and infant-like. As for you, you continue to knock me awe-struck, with your wisdom, grace and heart. You’ve definitely grown, Boo, and it looks great on you!

  2. Oh Jaye- she’s so precious! She is absolutely gorgeous.

    Don’t worry about the swaddle- E HATED it until 2.5 months old, now she cries when she wants to be swaddled for bed 🙂

  3. Ree loves Tummy Time now. It was on her hate list for a while, but she goes on her belly as soon as she can now.

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