Tiny Triumphs

This is a big deal.

Like, the biggest deal of all big deals.

It’s bigger news than the invention of Owling this month (you don’t know what I’m talking about?  Yay, I didn’t either, until the Owling photos started popping up on my FB feed)

Wait for it….



My kid took a pacifier!

For like one hour.straight.

I was so thrilled that I ran into The Hubs’ office at 11:30pm, scaring the shit out of him with my uber excitement.

We both stared into the co-sleeper with astonished eyes as her sleeping mouth had finally mastered the short and quick “suck suck suck” pattern of paci-suckling vs. the hard tongue thrust sucking of boob feeding.

You see, my girl has a hardcore tongue thrust.  We’re kind of hoping she outgrows it before reaching adulthood…there’s just something about a full grown woman giving repeated tongue thrust motions that isn’t quite PC.

It has been determined though, that this is the reason why she’s had a had such a hard time with the paci, she thrusts it out of her mouth because she confuses it with the boob.

Pacifiers aren’t a requirement of babyness of anything, in fact, before giving birth I was all on the “MY KID WILL NEVER HAVE A PACI” train.  Then we were blessed with a beautiful girl who has the world’s biggest addiction to comfort suckling.  Like. Ever.

So for six weeks I’ve been begging her to take it, day-dreaming (awake, since you have to be sleeping to dream for reals, and new parent households aren’t privy to good sleep habits) about the moment when she would soothe herself to sleep, sucking on that little piece of heaven.

Last night was a miracle.  She took that little paci, and suck suck sucked on it while falling asleep in bed with me, kept sucking through her transfer to the co-sleeper, and continued at it for an hour.  I kept turning my phone light on so I could check to make sure she was still at it.  I was so proud.

Then after an hour I heard a strange slurp, grunt, pre-yell noise, and flashed the light on her to see the paci out.  Luckily she stayed asleep for a little bit.

But the important news here, is…she took it!

She hasn’t done it again since, which leads me to believe that she did it in fear of me taking her back to the hospital (oh right, haven’t told you guys about that adventure yet.  Let’s just say,the story of BGWF’s recent admittance to the PICU for two days is coming soon) and has now outsmarted me because she realized that I got way too excited about her mastering this skill.


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