I’ll Never

Like all new parents, I started off this journey with a nice long list of “I’ll Nevers.”

Such as:

** I’ll never give my baby a pacifier…

Which turned into…

zOMG my nipples hurt so bad, give this girl a pacifier!

(I’ll have you know, she’s still refusing the paci for more than a millisecond unless you hold it for her)

** I’ll never let my little girl wear pink (at least not often)

I had a thing against pink, hence the yellow and gray nursery.

Which turned into…


and this was only one days worth of pinkness (PS Crazy baby hair is awesome)

** I’ll never bedshare

Which turned into…

Man, there is nothing more beautiful than this baby sleeping next to me

So maybe we’ll bedshare every now and then.

(plus it makes nursing like ridiculously easy – I can just lay there with the boob out, and she’ll take it when she’s hungry.  That’s what I call fast food)

** I’ll never let my baby watch TV

Which turned into…

Hallucinated by the TV lights, until I reminded her of the NO TV rule, and got this

and this

Okay fine, you can watch SouthPark until you’re old enough to talk, then NO TV until you’re 25!

So many things I’ve had to rethink since becoming a parent, and you know what?  Not a single one of them bothers me in the slightest.

You never know what’ll happen to your “I’ll Nevers.”


5 thoughts on “I’ll Never

  1. I’m literally laughing out loud with this! And we’re the same way!

    1. No pacifiers until we had 7 and they WORKED! All soothies, too.
    2. No blue! But everything is blue, and with his eyes turning so bright blue, he just looks good in it!
    3. Well…we planned on bed-sharing but hell yes to the fast food! I don’t even wake up anymore.
    4. No tv! Except when I want to watch back to back to back episodes of Mad Men.

    What a fantastic post!!!!

    • I love your post on July 21st about playthings. It makes such perfect sense and is so beautifully simple; a wonderful way to foster pride and respect of one’s things from such an early age.

      I also loved the ideas of books instead of cards, and being inscribed. I love opening books and seeing that they’ve been given with love and care….. and the giver thought enough about the book and the child to leave a memory inside.

      ps…. Jet is lovely.

  2. Love the pictures. You just needed something wonderful to associate the color pink with and didn’t you know that’s why they invented king sized beds.

  3. oh my goodness, Jaye.
    The second photo is exactly how we saw her in your ultrasound photos. We can see that the ultrasounds were catching her, not only pressed against you, but also taken from a similar angle that you catch her in.
    It tickles me to think of those first photos and NOW finally recognize Ariadne in them. We can stop worrying that the hospital gave us the wrong baby!

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