How I Single Handed(ly) Influenced the Price and Supply of Kale

Last month I started buying kale.

I’ve been meaning to for the last year, but kept putting it off because I couldn’t find it in the grocery store.  I seriously looked, hard.  Yah, I’m that person.

Then last month I found it.  Nestled up between the mustard greens and the swiss chard.  There were only two bunches (and I don’t mean only two left, I mean, that was all the space they devoted to kale) and the price was $.79 per bunch.  A smokin’ deal if you ask me.

So off I set, with the only two kale bunches for sale in the whole place.

What was I going to make?

Kale chips.

I’d been hearing about how awesome kale chips were from the blogiverse over the last few years and was dying to give it a spin.

Spin I did (with a salad spinner at that)

Kale chips are awesome.   We can’t stop eating them.  Addicting, and healthy.

They were so great that I went back the next week to buy more kale.  Again, only two bunches there, so I bought them all up (still $.79 each.)

Again the following week I did the same thing.

This week though, something changed.

I went right up to the usual spot, and instead of finding two bunches nestled all hard to find-like…I find a HUGE display.  Like bigger than the romaine lettuce section.  Yup, the kale had exploded. 

You know what else?

The price was up! 

$.99 per bunch.

It was official.  I single handedly spurred on my local grocer market to not only increase their kale supply 10 fold, but to increase the price.  They must have been ecstatic that they were selling out of kale each week. 

I know it was me.  I’m positive, because for a year I haven’t been able to locate the kale, not even a leaf of it, since it was so hidden below all of the other greens.  It’s not like kale was a huge commodity for all this time and they scaled back when I randomly started to buy it.  Nope, that stuff was descrete.  Until I started buying it.

And now I have to pay 25% more?!  I’m the only one buying this stuff!  I swear!  (Okay, except for those two people that one time that I overheard conversing about “Where’s the kale???” right after I had emptied the two bunches…Yes I pretended I didn’t hear them…No I did not feel bad.)

At least I know they won’t run out now.  

Get ready, set, go!  Let’s all stampede the kale department!


5 thoughts on “How I Single Handed(ly) Influenced the Price and Supply of Kale

  1. yeah, yeah, yeah, great story…. now where’s the accompanying photos…. as in Ariadne in a basket of kale…. Ariadne watching you spin the kale…… Ariadne waiting patiently while the Kale bakes….. Ariadne anticipating her milkie milk with Kale Chips……. you know, the photos that make the story pop!

      • I luuuuuuuuurv me some Kale chips! Ive been making them for about a year now, so tasty and so easy to make! Whole Foods always has a grip load, but I couldnt tell you a price off hand

  2. You have inspired me (no joke!) to walk to Whole Foods tomorrow and purchase me some kale. I’m super. super. excited!

    And – hilarious story!

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