Two Months Old

Today, BGWF is a whopping two months old! 

Would I be the worst parent ever if I admitted that I only realized this at about 3:30pm?  Like almost in time to miss telling Ariadne HAPPY BIRTHDAY. 

She was extremely unimpressed by our lack of birthday gifts on such a special day.  Hopefully she forgets this big “whoops” before she hits tweenhood.

Continuing with the Worst Parents Ever award – we like totally forgot to arrange her two month checkup with the pediatrician until two weeks ago.  Apparently our pediatrician was booked solid for well baby checks (we can get in at the drop of a hat for non-routine visits…) so she’s getting her two month check up 10 days late.  Oops.

We’re pretty lucky though because she seems to still love us.


So at two months old, what is our little Aria up to? 

She’s been perfecting everything except the one thing she’s supposed to be working on – neck control via tummy time.  Obviously tummy time is over-rated, as well as being able to consistently control floppy necks – because our girl is already getting pretty damn good at bearing weight on her legs and has decided she would like to crawl, walk, run, get her own apartment, before having awesome neck control.

We’re working on it.  Actually, she’s pretty good at the neck stuff, we’re proud 🙂

This month, Aria Loves:

The Boob – like fo shizzle she loves the boob.  I’m pretty flattered by it.

Nudey Butt Time – we do this multiple times a day and it is my favourite time of day.

Standing up – with help 🙂  She is really good at it!

Sitting on Daddy’s lap looking forward

Bicycle legs

Getting her butt changed (diaper change)

Picking out her own outfits – yup, she does this

Pooping – it makes her happy, just like the rest of us

Bathtime is still a blast

Making noises

Grocery shopping in the ring sling!

And Hates:

The pacifier – I’m about to give up

Tummy Time (half of the time)

The Car seat (although improvement is happening)

Waking up alone in her crib (we’re trying to transition to crib from co-sleeper without much luck)

Truthfully the hates are pretty minimal.  She’s such a happy baby overall – and loooves that she is getting a voice.  The cooing and talking are a highlight of each and every day now. 

She’s such a happy baby that getting her monthly photo was almost impossible.  They all came out looking like this

and this

Happy Second Month of Life Birthday, Baby Girl.  You’re pretty much the most awesome person alive.


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