What’s That Smell??

**note** The pictures have nothing to do with this story, but my baby is cute, and unfortunately this story isn’t really picture book friendly.

**note** I swear my baby does wear clothes.sometimes.  She just likes hanging out in her diaper.

I noticed a few days ago that I woke up smelling funny.

At first I wasn’t even sure it was me.  My nose is usually filled with the smell of sour milk (thanks to being perpetually covered in reflux baby vomit) which made me think it had to be The Hubs.

It wasn’t a bad smell, kind of sweet and a tad bit musky.

While preparing for my shower, I realized the smell increased when I lifted my arms.   So I snuck a closer whiff (what???  you know you all do it!) and sure enough, it was my underarms.

And you know what the aroma reminded me of?


Isn’t that like everyone’s wish, to smell like they secrete maple syrup out of their sweat glands?

I know I’ve always wanted that.  It’s my Canadian blood, and all those winters spent at our friends maple syrup farm. 

Don’t worry, I’m not cashing in my deodorant stash. 

What was the culprit of my new Eau de Jaye?


I started taking this supplement last week to increase my milk supply.  It’s a 100% natural supplement that is recommended to breastfeeding mums who need a higher production level.  Although my milk supply has been adequate for BGWF, I’d noticed that she was feeding more frequently, and it got me thinking that maybe she wasn’t getting enough at a feeding.  I also wanted to start a freezer supply since I’ll be going back to work soon (sad face.)  

Fenugreek smells faintly like maple.  It’s weird, but the seeds are used in artificial maple flavourings.   So it’s fairly common for sweat and urine (now that’s even stranger!) to take on the smell.   

So we know that the smell rumour is true…what about the supply increasing?  Success on that front also!  The morning after taking my first dose I woke up at 5am engorged beyond belief with a baby still sleeping soundly.  So I went and pumped to relieve the pressure.  EIGHT OUNCES people!  The most I’ve ever gotten prior to this has been five. 

I highly recommend this supplement for nursing mums…and for those that are looking to smell like pancakes.


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