Two Month Update

I thought I should do an update on Ariadne’s two month wellness check!

The Hubs and I take bets on what her weight is going to be at every check.  Much like how during pregnancy we would bet on how much weight I’d gained.  Funny how during pregnancy it’s cool to talk about your weight a lot.


Today my guess was 13lbs10oz.

The Hubs guessed 13lbs3oz.

For comparison sake, Aria was 11lbs3oz at her one month check up.

So what was she today? 


13lbs15oz! That’s practically FOURTEEN pounds!  Granted, she is almost 2.5 months old now…but still, that poundage puts her in the 91st percentile for her age.

Her height though?  I figured she would be tall, and I figured right.

25.5 inches long! That’s the 99th percentile.


In other news, her head circumference is perfectly average.  I guess she’s not striving for a big head.  I’ll take it. 



One thought on “Two Month Update

  1. That’s my girl, top 1%. I’m really happy that her appointment went well. What a sweet photo too. Can’t wait to see that little light tonight…. she’s just scrumptious!

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