CDAA: Cloth Diaper Addicts Anonymous

Anyone know of a group for this?

Cause I’m pretty sure I need help.

I have a cloth diaper addiction.

Although, really, is that a bad thing?  I’m not so sure.

This is the post you’ve all been waiting for.  A cloth diaper update!

Now that we’re 10 weeks into cloth diapering, I feel like we’re really in the swing of it.  CDing was never awkward for us, it came naturally.  There has never been a moment we’ve considered switching.  In fact, Aria’s stint in the hospital made us super antsy to get back home so she could get out of those stinky sposies.  Neither of us could stand the smell of them.

We’ve had a few screw ups along the way.  Like the nasty diaper rash she’s gotten twice now.   We’re still working out the kinks, but it goes away as soon as we strip her cloth – which means she’s either having a reaction to detergent build up or to us not using enough detergent.  Oxymorons.  Me hates them.  But we have sorted through it each time.  It’s just what you deal with when you have a new baby, and no baby is immune to diaper rashes, even cloth babies – and especially not babies with super duper sensitive skin like their momma!

As I wrote about here, we started out from day one with prefolds and covers.  This system is way easier than I thought, and has been mucho good to us.  We planned to continue with prefolds for 90% of the time, and only have a few pockets for outings or babysitters.

Then CottonBabies had a sale on their BumGenius 4.0 seconds (a new diaper with minor cosmetic deformities).  After a friend told me about her success with the seconds, I decided to get some.

Then CottonBabies was also having a special on the BumGenius 4.0 (not seconds, just regulars) for buy 5 get 1 free.  That’s a whole diaper. FREE.  How can I resist?

So I bought 6 seconds and got the 6 for 5 deal as well.

Today they arrived…squeeeee…Better than Christmas morning, I tell you!

I went with mostly velcro closure (aplix) as it is the easiest, but couldn’t help but buy three more of the snaps.  No matter what anyone says, I like snaps better.  Sure, they’ll be a bit difficult to get on a wiggly toddler…but they’ll also come in handy for that toddler that figures out how to pull the velcro tabs to undo the diaper.

So now, here we are, with a total of 15 pocket diapers (all BumGenius except for one Fuzzibunz) and I am beyond excited for this next stage of diapering!

We still plan to use our prefolds, and when baby girl grows out of those (soon since the weight estimate on our infant prefolds is 15lbs) we’ll buy the next size.  Prefolds are just the most economic way to go, and since we like them, there’s no need not to have them on hand.  But now instead of it being 90%prefold/10%pocket, I think we’re closer to 50/50, which works just fine for me.

Even after this big purchase of diapers, our total spent so far is about $400 (this includes the diapers gifted to us).  Realistically, I see us spending another $50 in the future for prefolds and the next size up covers for toddlerhood…but that’s it.  I think the average disposable diaper cost for ONE child is somewhere around $3,000 from birth to potty training.

That makes our investment look pretty damn good when you consider that it’ll last us through this baby, and any future children.  Then we can sell them off to another cloth diapering parent and make back some of our money.

And for the record – our water bill has not increased, not even by a dollar.  Oh and our electric bill.  Also unaffected, especially since we usually line dry in the sun.  Great for bleaching stains!

So cloth diapering.  It’s pretty awesome.  I love it.  I can’t say enough good things about it.  It’s addicting and fabulous.  Even if it cost me more money than sposies, I’d still do it.  But it doesn’t, and that rocks.


Just do it.


4 thoughts on “CDAA: Cloth Diaper Addicts Anonymous

  1. I have no idea where that $3000 comes from, but that is way off!
    Cloth diapering still interests me, but doing laundry is my least favourite thing ever. (plus, our dryer would be going all the time since we don’t get the sun you get). Maybe those are just excuses I’m making… I’m glad you like them!
    The BumGenius ones I tried were the best! So easy! I like them even better than pockets.

    • Well I just did a quick calculation from the retail price of a 168pack of sposies retailing for $45 and based on 8 diapers a day for 2.5 years, it was $2K. So I’m guessing it could be more based on what kind and where you buy them though and the cost of wipes would make it more.

      We love it 🙂 But I also don’t mind laundry!

  2. I had found a site that broke it down to cost per diaper, dependent on the age of the baby (10/12 per day for newborn, 6/8 per day for the next months and then down to 4/6 per day and then finally just 1/2 a day for nighttime wearing), and the fluctuating price dependent on the size of the diaper for the applicable stage, and using the best price which was buying them in larger packs/bulk packs.

    The cost for 2 years (which is light in the reality of diapering, since the average is 2.5 years) was $2600 US.

    There were several people that wrote in to comment, who use disposables, that actually gave a few further insights. One was astounded that her dollars added up to $2200 by time her daughter was potty trained. She had presumed it was much less as she was going through it, but then did the math when her daughter no longer needed the diapers to see what the savings was going to be and was surprised by what she had actually consumed and spent.

    Most people (even though they would prefer to) do not buy diapers in large packs all the time because of the shortage of dollars at one time. That eats into the per diaper savings. Also, while couponing and watching sales can really cut the cost, it also takes time and energy (at a time when time and energy is at a premium) to watch the sales, gather the coupons and get to the sale on time.

    They also brought up the fact that to best economize, you buy large packs whenever possible. It appears to be quite common that you find you still have a supply when you need to go to the next size. That eats into your funds, even though most admitted the diapers were not wasted since they could always find someone they could give them to.

    After the reading I had done, it appeared to me a couple of things.

    There are perfectly good reasons for both styles and it just depends on what is right for you.

    If Hubs and you were both working outside of the house, 9-5, you may find that line drying would be a bigger hassle, as well as coordinating to make sure you had a sufficient supply to take to the sitter. At the moment, if you have one diaper left, one of you can do a load of laundry and voila… you’re back in business. But if it’s 11pm, and you’re preparing for daycare the next morning and have other things that need to be done, it’s not so easy.

    BUT, then again, if you’re using disposables and need/want to budget, that can be time consuming too when you’re both working. Who’s picking up diapers on their way home? Who knows where the best price is today, has the coupon so they can stop? Who has the crying child coming home from daycare, but needs to make that stop? Who’s running out to get diapers because we didn’t realize we were down to the last two and now we have to pay for the gas to go get diapers and the closest location may not be the best price.

    It’s a crap shoot (hahahahah….. get it… diapers… crap shoot!)…. but most sites I’ve looked at, and the numbers I’ve worked up, does indicate it’s around $2600-$2800 US for diapering with disposables when all is said and done.

    That’s money well spent if it’s money well spent to you. And each circumstance is just that little bit different.

    So there you go….. my two cents.

    I love Ariadne’s little bumdelicious bottom…. at any price *smile*.

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