Being the Family Photographer

As you can tell, I like to take pictures of my baby.

I like to take pictures of a lot of things, but Ariadne is my muse 🙂

In the past two.five months I’ve taken over 2,000 pictures of her.  You see, what? Maybe less than 1/20th of them?  For every picture you see, I’ve taken fifteen more that look very much like it.  Maybe from a different angle, aperture or with new lighting.  And another fifteen turned out blurry because photographing an infant means a lot of blur.

I love being the photographer in the family.

It means we get pictures like this

and catch moments like this

Pictures that make my heart swoon because they hold so many warm memories.

But being the family photographer also means that sometimes the most of you that is in the picture is your hand.

Being the family photographer means that all of the pictures with you in them are posed.

and you have to take them yourself, which means sometimes your baby’s eyes are blurry.

I love being the family photographer. 

I just wish there were two of me!

I guess it’s about time I fork over the money to have a professional take some pictures with me in them, eh?


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