Things That Annoy Me

Just a random sampling of things that have annoyed me recently.

  • People who ask for your birthday and can’t translate the month into a number.  September.  That’s the ninth month.  If you don’t know that, I don’t think you have any business working.  I get it, it takes roughly a millisecond to translate the information.  That’s difficult.  Figure it out. It’s not my problem that you”re so mechanical that you can’t use your brain.  Stop being stupid.
  • The fact that my unwanted epidural is costing me $1,700, while the rest of my pregnancy medical costs…were covered by my one time office visit copayment.  You suck at life, Epidural.  (and yes, I do realize I could blame our insurance carrier for not covering a non-medically necessary epidural, but I don’t because I understand that an epidural for a vaginal birth is not considered medically necessary and I’m cool with that.  Ironic though, because had I not gotten it, I would have ended up in a csection and thus said epidural wouldn’t have cost me a dime.)
  • That I can’t for the life of me understand the pronounciation of one of the receptionists names from my OBGYNs office.  The same girl leaves me a message whenever they call to give me info, and when I call back they always ask who I’m calling for.  Yay, I still can’t say her name.  It sounds like Christina, but apparently it’s something like Trsftina.  In other words, I have no idea what her name is, and even though I’ve asked for verbal clarification a million times, I still don’t understand what her name is.
  • Good TV shows that get cancelled prematurely when they’re actually pretty awesome.  Ex: Popular (I mean who didn’t LOVE that show?!), Lie to Me (I hate you Fox), Kitchen Confidential (Bradley Cooper = hot), Love Bites (easy and funny viewing at it’s best), The Event (okay, so what was the event, that’s all I really wanted to know).  So many good shows, burning in TV hell.
  •  That I had to buy new pants because I lost so much weight during pregnancy and two weeks later those new pants are baggy.  Add to this the fact that I had just Goodwill’d all my small clothes right after getting pregnant because I figured the chances of me ever fitting in them were about as high as the center of the Earth. Yes, this is considered a bragplaint but I don’t care.  I hate buying clothes for me.  Who wants to buy themselves things when there are so many ADORABLE things for baby girls out there?  It’s to the point where if The Hubs asks me one more time “What do you want for your birthday, next week?” I’m going to respond “Work clothes” and that’s just boring. 
  • That I only have like 12 days left of my maternity leave and the days are flying by faster than ever.  Where the heck has the time gone?  Didn’t I just pop this baby out?? 
  • CPA exam next week.  Enough said.  (edit: This isn’t so much annoying as it is making me feel like I’m crazy for trying to pass an exam during maternity leave.  Study? Sure, just let me finish oogling at my daughter first!) 

Anyone else have something to add to the list?


2 thoughts on “Things That Annoy Me

  1. Good luck on the exam! And hell yes to minus-baby-weight & some! That’s awesome!!!

    To add to things that are annoying…

    It annoys the mother f-ing s–t out of me that I paid 40 dollars (you read that right!) to delver my boy. But 20k (yes, you ALSO read that right) to deliver my placenta.

    Why’d my placenta have to keep my boy alive for 9 months and then take a crap all over my bank account? Just saying’…

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