Happy Birthday!

To me! 

Holy Cow Mum, you're getting old!

Not to be a huge attention grabber or anything, but today is my birthday. 

Usually I’m big on birthdays, I get all excited for mine every year.  Not because of the gifts or attention, but just to be a year older.  It doesn’t hurt that I get special treatment – such as my Mum slapping my brother’s hand last night for taking a piece of The Bread before I got to have a piece, because it’s my BIRTHDAY dinner. 

Every year I get one more year tacked on to my life.  And every year I get more and more happy with that life. 

This year though, is so wonderful.

I’ve been telling The Hubs this week that I’ve never been more happy.  I’ve never felt so content with life.  Things are perfect. 

So today, I’m thankful for being able to feel so blessed, and so fortunate.   Wait, it’s not Thanksgiving…

Oh well. 

Still, I’m happy, and thankful. 

And there is no better way to spend one’s 25th birthday (yes, yes, yes, I’m a baby, I know, get over it) than with the ones you love, eating mini pancakes from Jack in the Box (I’m dying to try them, stupid mailer flyers) and playing peek a boo with a baby.

I’m trying to forget that I need to study for my CPA exam that is tomorrow…Maybe the birthday gods will be good and give me another pass?

You try getting a baby to look at the camera!
Yes, I will fix my uneven hair tone. Someday.

I might also add that it is completely coincidental that we took these photos standing in front of my Precious Moments Birthday Train.  I wonder if they make a piece for birthday 25?



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