It’s All Over Now

My kid is growing up too fast.

Just last week (or maybe it was just yesterday) I was thinking “She is never going to roll over”

Then today, it happened.

It was totally random.  Then again, is it ever not?  Does anyone wake up one day thinking “Today is it, today is the day my baby will roll over.” I doubt it.

There we were, having some good old tummy time, baby girl doing exceptionally well – arms extended, head up, pushing a bit with one leg, then the other.  Then all of a sudden she was on her side, and I was yelling “You can do it! You can do it!” and The Hubs was cleaning the bathroom probably thinking nothing unusual was happening.

For a split second I thought I should yell for him to come watch, but then I figured I would jinx it.  Aria would have stage fright.

So, I didn’t.  Bad Wife.

Before I knew it, she was flopped on her back.   And I was clapping and yelling and hooting.  Freaking her out is what I was doing.

The Hubs ran in and we did it all over again.

And all over again, my kid looked at me like I was a moron.   As if to say “What is your problem?  I’ve been capable of doing this since I was in DA WOMB!” 

So, today was kind of a big day.

It kind of feels like the beginning of the end.  I have a baby that can roll over.

I suspect that tomorrow she’ll be walking. 

P.S. I tried to get video footage of the event after the initial excitement wore off.  Unfortunately, Aria decided to have a melt down over exerting so much effort without being rewarded with her Milkie Milk immediately.  So I took care of that, and she hasn’t been up for more tummy time since. 

Getting some hard earned rest


2 thoughts on “It’s All Over Now

  1. I dunno about random, the night before my first birthday my dad sat down and had a chat with me. He told me,”Maria, tomorrow you turn 1. It’s time for you to start walking…” (Or so I’m told) BUT the following day I DID start walking. I guess I had decided to stop mooching off my older sisters, who were more than willing to carry “the baby” around.

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