Summer Love

This summer has been hot.  Let’s be real, Arizonans – this summer has been blistering.

But that’s not all. 

This summer has also been so very full of love.  At least in our house.

For the last three months, I’ve been home with my two favourite people.  I’ve been on maternity leave, and tomorrow that is ending.

It’s bittersweet.  I’m looking forward to going back to work.  There are lots of new things on the plate for me at the office, and I can’t wait to get paid again 😉

Of course, like all new mommas, I dread leaving my girl for 8+ hours a day. 

But I’ve had an amazing summer to reflect on, and many many happy years ahead. 

I’m so thankful that Aria had not only me, but her Daddy for these last three months.  Not many families get to be that lucky.  But for us, The Hubs’ schedule worked out perfectly, and the three of us got to spend one perfect, one complete, one unforgetable summer together.  We may never get that chance again. 

There were lots of early morning feeds, where we’d bring a sleepy baby into bed with us, and curl our bodies around hers until she was ready to get up.  No alarm clocks mattered in our summer (even when we set them, we’d shut them off and go back to bed.) 

Hours upon hours of diaper changes.  I can happily say, The Hubs and I spent at minimum three hours a day playing with our baby girl during diaper changes.  Our summer was full of poop and we took advantage of every.single.change. to get to know our daughter. 

Every night was dinner time for three.  Even though only two of us got to eat the meals, three of us would congregate in the kitchen together and cook.  Meals never tasted so sweet as those I’ve made with a summer girl sitting in a bouncer on my kitchen island.

It has been a summer filled with enough smiles and laughter to fill a lifetime. 

The days, then weeks, then months flew by.  Every day better than the last.  Every day quicker than the last. 

This summer I fell in love with a girl. 

This summer I fell in love with my husband.all over again.

Thank you, Summer.  It’s been great.  Better than I could have ever imagined. 

So good that I can almost forgive you for the days where the temperature hit 119degrees.


3 thoughts on “Summer Love

  1. Even without a photograph, that post is one of my very favourites. Congratulations on an awesome summer, and an amazing start to motherhood. You’re right, you have a lifetime of happy tomorrow’s to look forward to, this is only the beginning.

    Good luck at work tomorrow. I hope the new position comes with the rewards you so rightly deserve and enough challenges to keep you interested. I know you’ll be great. And I also know there will be no sweeter moment than walking back through that door, to Ariadne and the Hubs…..

    Ariadne is a very lucky girl to have such a wonderful role model and advocate. She was placed in the perfect family, with the most perfect team to guide her and the most perfect love to surround her.

    Love you, Boo… my baby girl…. always,

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