Three Months Old

Didn’t I JUST do one of these, like last week?

Yes my kid gave herself a hickey on her arm

Another month flown by.

This last month has been pretty amazing.

Ariadne is growing and learning so much lately.  She seems to be a totally new and exciting person every day.

At 3 months old, Aria –



Sitting (but not as much as standing)

THE BOOB – like whoa

The swing!

Having her feet played with

Sucking on everything


Having her bum rubbed, patted and/or jiggled

and Hates

The car seat

Not being allowed to stand

Not going to bed on time (this is pretty awesome if you ask me)

That’s about it 🙂  My girl is a totally happy baby.

We’ve just transitioned into her 3-6 month onesies.  I’m actually pretty surprised her 3 month stuff fit for so long.  It’s been tight for over a month, but we made it work – I wasn’t ready to transition her just yet 🙂

So far Aria has rolled over twice, and does fake outs all the time.   Her head control is so amazing compared to a month ago.  She’s learning new sounds all of the time.  The best ones come with the smiles when she sees me get home from work.

So far, this stage of babyhood is my absolute favourite!


4 thoughts on “Three Months Old

  1. Copy that last sentence… keep it ready to paste… because you will be saying it a lot in the coming years.

    And don’t leave out massaged!

    Or the fact that she loves conversation……. she engages so well and is amazingly vocal.

    Love to my two girls!

  2. Totally, 100 percent ditto what Cindy said. I have said that phrase with Ryan about 20 times. And it just gets better and better! 🙂 She is such a beauty, Jaye, and she sounds like a complete joy. Glad you’re enjoying Mommyhood!

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