Saturday with Mummy

Today was one of the rare days where I’m home alone with Aria.

Every semester, The Hubs seems to have a huge in flow of other grad students needing a tutor for their statistics courses.  Since he’s like the statistics super genius, it means a lot of Saturdays he’s tutoring.  Sucky for family time, but good for the $30/hour pay.

So, today Aria and I got to hang out, just the two of us for a few hours.

As usual, we had a photo shoot.

We got dressed in cute outfits (okay, Aria got dressed in a cute outfit)

Like, can you even handle ruffly bum jean bloomers?  I know I can’t.

We had lots of great tummy time.  I even worked on mine.  I’m pretty proud of my neck control – er – and Aria’s.

We rolled over a few times.  Actually, Aria did, I tried, but I just can’t figure out the maneuver.

There were lots of smiles while practicing sitting up, and standing.

It was such a fun afternoon – even when I decided to go through all of the old newborn and 3 month clothes (obviously they don’t fit anymore) to pack away.  I may have cried a little when I realized that if we have a boy next, and decide to not go for a third baby, I won’t be able to see these outfits on a little girl ever again.   Then I told Aria that she can use them as dress up for her dolls.  Her dolls will have a pretty good wardrobe.

Then I cried again when I realized that it was time to pull out the two drawers full of 6 month clothes that were now ready to be worn.  I remember folding those and thinking “it’s going to be soooo long until she wears them.” It was here in the blink of an eye.

And now I’m weepy again.


4 thoughts on “Saturday with Mummy

  1. yay, you were the first to post, Cara. I knew it! I said Auntie Cara and I would enjoy a photo shoot……”thump to the heart, sista!”

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