Baby’s First IKEA Trip

I’ve looked forward to Aria’s first IKEA trip since before I can remember.

IKEA is like my own personal paradise.  If heaven exists, I’m pretty sure for me it’s a giant blue warehouse filled with home goods.  A place where I can feast on Swedish meatballs and $.99 breakfasts.  Only in my heaven, everything would be free.

Naturally, I figured Aria would love this place as much as her Momma.

So today we took a very excited baby girl on her first IKEA run.

This is her “zOMG I can’t believe I’m going to the big blue warehouse for the first time!” look.

Dude in the background was a young guy from Alaska, also embarking on his first trip to IKEA.  He had no idea there would be food.  We made sure to inform him of that fact.

The first thing I noticed as a Momma in IKEA is that amazingly enough, IKEA stocks diapers in their bathrooms!  While changing Aria, I noticed nice big stacks hidden in a cupboard by the changing pad.  Free.  I couldn’t believe that they did that, but more so that no one had grabbed them all.  Only decent people shop IKEA.

We enjoyed some meatballs (Mum and I) and Milkie Milk (Aria) before heading off to see the stuffs.

Like every other time I set foot in the place, I found about a million and a half things that I NEED.  But today was for buying pictures frames for the new office, and bins for toys.  I may have added a salad spinner to the cart, and five of the cutest reusable shopping bags that ever did exist.

It was pretty fun, and although it took some time, I think Aria discovered her love for IKEA.

Then we came home, ate burgers and cuddled.

Just the kind of Saturday I like.


2 thoughts on “Baby’s First IKEA Trip

  1. Another reason for you to visit Ottawa! The new IKEA opens soon. It’s going to be the second largest in NA!

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