Search Stat Superlatives

For at least the last year I’ve been checking in on my search engine stats.

It’s actually pretty hilarious to read what people are searching to get to your blog.

Since life is pretty much a chaotic tornado of busy right now – and I’ve just spent the last two hours gorging myself on “comfort foods” thanks to my monthly Supper Club – which I hosted and chose the theme “comfort foods” (how did I not foresee an array of carbfest, cheese ladden foods when I picked that??) – I really don’t feel like writing a worthwhile post.  So this is what you’re getting.  Like it.

Most likely to wish you’d had the guts to Google It yourself 

“pregnancy bum at 18 weeks”   – I don’t ever remember writing about my 18 week pregnant BUM…

Most likely to get a stupid answer

“how big do your stomach look at 5 weeks pregnant” – The same as it did at 4 weeks pregnant.

Most likely to not go together

“sad and redhead” – Now.what? I’m just sayin’ – sad and redhead do not belong in the same sentence.  Signed, a Ginger Supremacist.

Most likely to result in an at home experiment

“munchkin rug hugger” – …  Hey, don’t look at me, I didn’t type that into Google!

Most likely to confuse the baker

“cookie dough with eggs or without eggs” – Well which is it?!

Most likely to confuse 99.99999% of the human population 

“sweat has started to smell bad” – Since when did it smell good?

Most likely to receive a high five

“I’m chopping up melon!” – Good for you!

There are SO many good ones…some of which I just can’t post on the blog because they are 100% not appropriate for the interwebs.

So, fess up, who Googled this stuff?!  I promise, I won’t laugh, or point.  Maybe just a little.




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