Photo Vault

So it’s been a hellishly long week.  The funny thing about it is, it actually went by really fast.  It was so stressful and overwhelming, which for some reason made it the fastest moving – long week ever.

I’m glad it’s over.

Maybe next week I’ll have lots to blog about.  This week has been kind of slow with feeling up to blogging – and hardly any new pictures to post.

So here are some shots from the photo vault – aka the rest of the pictures that I don’t show.



I think she’s pretty cute.  Definitely a keeper!

Interesting and sad revelation today – since Aria started rolling over from back to tummy last week, and is now a pro at it, I decided it was time to raise the dropped side on her co-sleeper.  We’re testing out not swaddling, and that plus the super rolling meant she needed a bit more containing.   I can’t believe she’s big enough that we have to do that.  I bet we’ll be lowering it to play pen depth fairly soon too since she’s been working on her sitting up/pulling up skills.  I thought by now we would have moved her to her crib.  But nope.  I honestly don’t see that day coming any time soon.  I love having her close to us.

Man.  My baby is growing up!

Don’t worry, I definitely have a few posts for this week – and I’m determined to get some good picture taking time in too!



5 thoughts on “Photo Vault

  1. I miss you all so much. I can’t believe how much you have grown! You are so beautiful and you have 2 great parents. I can’t wait 2 see again and hold you. Love you all so much!

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