Four Months Old

Another month, come and gone.

The past few weeks have been full of developmental growth!

Aria can –

Roll back to front and front to back.

Stand on her own while holding on to various things for support – my shoulders, the footstool etc.

Sit while using her hands to support herself in front.

Laugh – real laughing! (note: she goes into hysterics when people cough…)

Grab toys and bring them to her mouth – a very important skill!

Reach for everything that we’re eating or drinking – two more months until we start trying food though.

Aria has –

The messiest hair I’ve ever seen.  It’s just not very manageable, I comb it, I promise.

A smile brighter than all of the stars in the sky.

A hilarious laugh.

Grown out of most of her 3-6 month clothes in length…our home measurements have put her at 27 inches, which is long long long.

Found her feet!  Okay, technically she found them last month, but now she’s like REALLY found them.

Every sign that she has begun teething.  We’re just waiting on the toofers.

She loves – 

Singing and dancing to Row Row Row Your Boat and The Itsy Bitsy Spider.

Being read to.

Tummy time!  Yup, now that she can roll over like a super pro, she’s spending 90% of her play time on her belly, by choice.

Playing SuperAria (holding her horizontal up above our heads) and Flying Baby (The Hubs lays her face down on his forearm and swings her around)

Waking up.  So smiley!

Talking about important things like the state of government funded healthcare (or maybe that’s me?)

Watching TV.  Ugg.

All the usual things – THE BOOB, standing, sitting, naked time.

There’s not much she doesn’t love right now.  She’s even better in the car seat, and I’m hoping that by upgrading to a convertible seat in the very near future will make her even more content in the car.  Just about the only things that make her fuss is not being able to stand up when she wants, us not letting her stand up without holding on to anything or THE BOOB not getting to her mouth fast enough.

We’re having an absolute blast with  this little girl!  I still can’t believe how fast she’s growing.   I love watching her grow and learn.  Every day there is something new and miraculous that she is discovering!


3 thoughts on “Four Months Old

  1. Don’t forget her love for swimming and water, and of course, she gives kisses.
    I can’t believe we’re already starting her fifth month. We’ve surely been blessed with the happiest, sweetest and most precious gift. And she’s pretty cute too!!!! She lights up a room with that smile and those eyes. I’m one happy Nana!

  2. I loved reading this post immediately after ‘The Time I Convinced Myself I was NOT Pregnant’. One year ago you had a pee stick, and now you’ve got this gorgeous, brilliant love bug.

    I love that last picture of her. The girls need to get together. ::bangs gavel::

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