I distinctly remember the day my brother told me he wanted a niece.

Actually, maybe it’s not so exactly distinct, because I think he might have told my Mum – not me.

Either way, I distinctly remember my brother saying (to someone – it could have been some stranger on the street for all I know) that he wanted a niece.

I wasn’t even pregnant yet.

For some reason I always thought he would want nephews.badly.

My brother is the type of guy that’s into cars, computers and iPhones.  He plays strange online video games that result in friends all over the globe that remind me of my “internet friends” (that someday I’ll write a blog post all about.)  He’s a guy.  So typically I thought he would want a nephew to share all of those things with.

But it wasn’t a nephew he asked for.  It was a niece.

Okay, so he didn’t really ask for her – as much as he declared “I’m ready for a niece, now.”  As if we had simply been waiting for him to make the annoucement.

A few months later we were in fact expecting.  And a few months after that, I made the call to tell him that he got his wish.

When Aria arrived, her Uncle was quite timid.  He loved her, I could tell.  But he didn’t quite know what to do with her yet.   It took months for him to feel comfortable enough to hold her.

But once he did.

Oh man, once he held that little girl for the first time, and she smiled at him.  Once she started talking, and recognizing.  Holding his finger and running her hands over his stubbly chin.   That little girl caught him right at the heart.

Now, he fights Nana to be the first one to hold Aria.  He gives her so many kisses that her cheeks turn red from the stubble.   He blows raspberries, and has the most excited voice when he’s talking to his niece.

He’s so sweet with her.  This entirely new person that I never thought existed.

This is one of the greatest things about parenthood.   Watching the people I love, loving my little girl.  Changing, and becoming such amazingly warm people because of her.

I’d like to say that I can blame her Uncle for the middle finger action, but that is all Aria.  She’s been throwing out the middle finger pretty much constantly since birth.


3 thoughts on “Uncle

  1. Aww, this brought tears to my eyes! It must just melt your heart to see him with her!!
    Preston also gives the middle finger a lot too. hahaha

  2. I love this post. It warms my heart to see Uncle with Ariadne. She will follow in her mama’s footsteps to be his best buddy, to share their love for cars, computers and trendy electronics! She is a lucky girl surrounded by so much love.

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