The Weekend Ahead

I’m being the worst blogger lately.  What’s funny about my lack of routine postings, is that I actually have three posts written, just waiting for pictures to be attached and they could be posted.  I keep telling myself ‘I’ll get to it’, and then it’s been two weeks and my post that starts out “This weekend…” now means ‘Three weeks ago.’  Whatevs.

But I’m going to put some time into finishing those posts this weekend as well as writing new ones!

Speaking of this weekend – I am SO looking forward it!  So far is looking to be a really busy one, but I’m making sure to schedule in some down time, and studying (boo to that.)

Tonight we’re going to my cousin’s son’s soccer game.  What’s better than a bunch of 4 year olds playing soccer???  That’s right.  Nothing.

Tomorrow we have some shopping to do for our holiday family photo shoot next weekend and then in the afternoon we are going to my good friend’s son’s SECOND birthday party.  I’ve been designated as the photo taker, which means they’ll be lots of pictures from that event next week.

Sunday we’re celebrating Fall by going to the pumpkin patch!  Then, hopefully we’ll decorate a pumpkin for Ariadne.

The best part is – when I get home from work this afternoon, our house will be nice and clean.  I love having house cleaners.  It’s seriously the best.thing.ever.



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