Sock Bun


My name is Jaye and I’m a sock bun addict.

What is a sock bun you ask?

Well, it’s a bun, made out of a sock. 

I’ve seen a lot of people sporting this neat bun lately.  There always appeared to be no elastic holding it, but it looked like a donut – neat and tidy.

Finally I found out what it was.

A sock bun!

I’m obsessed with them now.  Mainly because I think it looks awesome.  But also because I like to say sock bun.

Unfortunately, I’m finding that it’s not as effortless as I was hoping.  Instead, mine looks like crap.

I’m slightly depressed because my short hair means that my sock buns are more messy than tidy.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll have a neat looking sock bun.

And yes, the only reason I made this post was to say sock bun over and over and over.


7 thoughts on “Sock Bun

  1. Cool… I found the video of the girl who curls her hair using the sock bun method a few months ago, the non cable version of late night infomercials for the sleepless.

    I love the sock bun look but loved the look of the curls the next morning even more.

    And it looks great on you, messy or not.

    • I just use a dark brown sock. It’s obviously not the same colour, but if I position the hair right, you don’t see the sock at all.

    • ohmygod, Jenn! How could I forget about my EXTENSIONS! Dude, I’m totally sock bunning it up with my extensions tomorrow!

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