Wyatt Turns Two!

My friend Mya and I have quite a lot in common.

Our passion for party details is just one of those things.

Months and months ago we started talking about her son’s second birthday party.  She had the theme picked, and detail brainstorming was in full swing.   A baseball party it would be.

Then about a month ago, she called me up and asked if her idea to custom make 18 raglan style t shirts for the party guests was crazy and unachievable.

My response – Heck yes it’s crazy.  But it was also FABULOUS and absolutely had to be done.

And that’s how I found myself spending five hours at her house, one week before the party, sewing 18 child sized t shirts.

It was worth every stitch (and the few times I yelled “MYA WE HAVE A PROBLEM, I THINK I BROKE YOUR SEWING MACHINE!”) and the party was a wonderful success.

Just about the cutest little t-shirts to ever exist.  Each one had the child’s name and age (in months or years) affixed to the back.

Every baseball game needs some good old fashioned Cracker Jacks!

What a great idea!  A baseball signed by all of the party guests!

Happy Birthday, Wyatt!


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