Sleeping Arrangements

Last weekend we made some pretty drastic decor changes.

Notice anything…different?

We’ve been thinking that our bedroom was missing something.  It’s taken us two years and a baby to figure it out.

A crib.

Okay, well not really…but kind of.

So here’s what happened.

I always thought we would transition Aria to her crib/nursery around the time I went back to work.  Then that time came and I just couldn’t bear it.  Our little girl was growing up so fast, and the thought of letting go of having her right next to me at night was too much to handle.  So she stayed in the co-sleeper. (yes, I realize that this issue is my problem and maybe I should just get over it and let go…but damnit, I work all day, and study when I’m home – if having my little girl in my room makes me feel closer to her right now, then that’s what I’m doing)

Then came the day that Aria could touch both ends of her co-sleeper when stretching out.

Long babies don’t fit in mini co-sleepers very well.  Especially when they’re rolling around and stuff.

It was apparent that we needed to get a move on moving to the crib.

But Aria was still struggling with napping in the crib.  She’d do it 50% of the time.  I wasn’t sure how we were going to handle the transition since I always figured she would get used to the crib by napping in it first.

Then came the recent Amber Alert.

And that immediately smashed my comfort with moving my innocent baby to a separate room away from me for night sleeping.

I know if we moved her over there that I would lay awake at night worrying about her.  I can see into her room from my place in bed, but with the cats I would either have to close her door, or keep then in with us and keep our door closed.  Neither were good solutions.

And then we came up with a solution.

We would move Aria’s crib into our room and transition her to it that way.

Then, when she’s a bit older, and we’re more comfortable with her sleeping in her own room, we’d move it back in to her bedroom.   (there’s no plan or exact time frame on when this will occur, although I would like to think that it would be sooner rather than later)

Now, I get it, this is sort of a weird solution to our problem.  But I don’t really care, it works for us.  I don’t care what you think about my solution (unless you think it’s like OHEMGEE the best idea ever) because I’m cool with it, and The Hubs is mondo cool with it (he’s been rooting for having her crib in our room since day 1.)

So, here we are.

A crib in our room, and a perfectly designed and decorated nursery left a little bit more empty.

But you know what?

We think our master bedroom looks like home with a crib in it.  And that nursery?  Well, it’s just got lots and lots more space for playing now.

And those are both good things in my book.

A glorious upside to this move (besides the awesomeness that is having another piece of furniture in an empty huge master bedroom) is that Aria has already transitioned well to the crib for night sleeping and about 60% of her naps.  She’s also worked her way to sleeping from about 7/8pm – 5:30am with maybe a half asleep whiny wakeup in the wee hours of the morning – that only requires a few butt pats to calm.

I’m honestly surprised we didn’t think to do this sooner!






2 thoughts on “Sleeping Arrangements

  1. Sometimes you just have to listen to the past. In the old days, this would have been done as a rule rather than an exception partly because of space. You didn’t put babies in rooms with other children because of that “one up, all up” thing, so baby’s bed was in mama/papa’s room. Houses weren’t as big, less bedrooms, and families were larger than today. There were other practical reasons, but it worked for families.

    It pleases me somewhat to see some reversion back to the past. It wasn’t all sunshine and roses, but there were reasons why some things worked, and it’s good to see some repetition, if not recognition, of that. Much like family meals and chores. *smile*

    You are doing awesome at creating such a wonderful family life. Your daughter is very lucky to have such a solid and loving foundation. And I’m impressed by you and hubs; your teamwork is incredible and you complement each other perfectly.

    Well done! And Super Well Done for Ariadne, just for being.

  2. Sounds like the best solution for you and your family! I feel ya on the cat thing… I wish we could leave bedroom doors open, but I know my cat is not to be trusted to roam about in his room.

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