Jumperoo Love

This little girl is just loving the jumperoo!

I love watching her as she’s figuring out that she makes it bounce.

The pure joy! (mixed in with the serious faces that she makes when she realizes I’m trying to take a picture)

I never saw myself liking the jumperoo.  If you recall, I used to be vehemently against “baby holders” but I’ve quickly learned that they have their time and place.

Right now, Aria LOVES standing.  She wants to stand.24.7.  But she wants to do it without holding on to you or things around her.  Enter – the jumperoo – perfect for giving a little girl some much desired independence.  But she still loves for us to play with her while she’s in it – a win win if you ask me.


3 thoughts on “Jumperoo Love

  1. We LOVE our Jumparoo. It’s like Eliana’s favorite thing ever- and we have the same one! Now watch out though- because there’s this black and white polkadot dragon fly attached (it detaches) and um that thing has to go with us EVERYWHERE- bath time, bed time, car rides… of all the toys this girl has she loves that dang dragon fly- so just beware of the dragon fly, it has magic powers.

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