Having a Baby Means…

People give you cool shit.

Sometimes they give you not so cool shit.

But most of the time it’s pretty cool.

Like all of the blankets Aria received from family and friends.  Some knitted with care.  Some sewn by first timers.  Some handed down through generations and generations.

Then there’s the hand me down clothing.  This is how I ended up with the “too many clothing options than days to wear them” problem.

I can’t forget these tiny shoes.  Purchased by a good friend of mine when she “thought” she was expecting a daughter (turned out the ultrasound tech was wrong…and she had a boy) and passed on to me after having her second son.

A hand painted stool and peg set for a little girl’s future bathroom.

Miniature furniture for future baby dolls.  Built by a Great Grandpa for Aria’s Auntie and passed down for her to use.

And then the other day, something miraculously made it into my sweaty palms that urged me to write this entire post.

Holy goodness of baby dressing awesomeness.  I am officially the happiest Canadian ever.  Boy am I happy that this friend kept this packed away.  It’s like she subconsciously knew she’d meet me one day and be able to pass it down to my little girl.

We’re so lucky to have amazing friends and family!


One thought on “Having a Baby Means…

  1. I have just looked at all the recent posts from the last few days! OMG. She is so adorable, pretty, happy, and I could go on and on, plus the fact she has the best 2 parents. Keep up the pics! Cannot wait to see you all. It’s hard to see that she is growing so fast and learning so much and wish we could be there 2 see it all……..Keep up the posts…..Love looking at all pics and reading everything I can to keep up with you!

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