An Artist

I had such plans for Ariadne’s first pumpkin craft project.

I’ve never been big on carving pumpkins…I think the innards are gross and slimy…so I wasn’t so much looking forward to carving this year.

Then I realized that there are no steadfast rules to pumpkin decorating.  So I decided we would paint them.

I wanted something that Ariadne could do, and thought of a painted hand print.



Let’s just call the pumpkin hand print a big fat FAIL.

It wasn’t until the pumpkin was prepped, the paint poured, the baby girl positioned, that I realized one tiny little snag in my plan.

My daughter has a heavy case of the hand clench.

She almost never unclenches her hands when you want her to.  And much like a boa constrictor, the harder yo u try to pry those little digits apart, the tighter she grips them.


So that’s how a hand print turned into this.

Not quite what I imagined, but I guess Ariadne is just a little bit more into the abstract art.  I think she gets that from her Mama.  I mean, I did work (and get married at) an art museum.  This girl was born to be an artist!

And to go with the theme, The Hubs and I made our own finger painted pumpkins.

They are completely and utterly hideous.  Don’t take that as a real sample of my true artistic talent.  I think the important thing here is to note that I was able to get The Hubs to not only partake in an art project – but one that included finger painting.

No, the dripping was not intentional, although if anyone ever asks me, I’m going to tell them it was a purposeful creative technique.

PS – Check out the BEST PJs EVER.  I have searched long and hard for space PJs for Muffin (ahhh it’s been awhile since I called her Muffin on here hasn’t it?) and finally found some.  Only downside – they were at a second hand store, and only in size 3-6, which barely fit for a week until Ariadne was so tightly zipped that I started to confuse the pajamas with a sausage casing.

End note – if you find cute space PJs, please let me know.  Preferably in sizes 6+ months.


3 thoughts on “An Artist

  1. Jaye, you’re so silly. The tag on the shirt says they came from Children’s Place. I would imagine that could be your first stop. 🙂 We have some that Wyatt has out grown, I think. I’ll happily pass them on if I do!

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