I love my girl’s smiles more than anything.

But her serious faces are seriously a hoot.  She’s got so much of her Mama in her!

and then there are the shocked faces.  They’re pretty awesome.

and the faces we are getting an awful lot of lately – I call it her “Mmmaaaaa” face.

That’s the sound she makes when she does this face – and it happens to be her new favourite sound.  Would I sound ridiculous if I said my baby girl can already say “Mama”?  Cause she can.  Maybe she doesn’t so much understand what she’s saying, or that it’s a word.  But she knows that the sounds “Mmaaa Maaa” make me respond with lots of excitement.  And when she’s crying out “MmaaaaMaaaaa”, she stops the second I take her from whoever is holding her.


My five month old can communicate in the English language.

Kind of.


2 thoughts on “Faces

  1. Ha! The mmmmm sound is also J’s first mastered consonant. When he was younger (and still to this day) when he cries in the middle of the night he says, “mamamamamamammmmmma.” Okay, little man. With those noises, I’ll be at your beckon call.

    Your little girl!? She. is. adorable.

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