Did I Blink?

I can’t remember when my girl started doing this.


Sitting up by herself, unassisted.  Without holding on to things.

Maybe it was today when I got home and took these pictures.

But maybe it wasn’t?

I mean, she seemed like such a pro that there is no way she only JUST started doing this.

It seems like just yesterday she needed full support.

Like just a second ago she would need to tripod (or is it quadpod?) for any stability.

I swear, I barely blinked and she went from teetering, to balancing.

And this must be what it’s like to watch someone grow.

It’s scary as shit.

And totally the most awesomest thing I’ve ever experienced.


4 thoughts on “Did I Blink?

    • LOL Taylor! We shop EVERYWHERE (and do Kid to Kid for consignment).

      If I had my way, she’d wear Janie and Jack 24/7, but my wallet tells me that isn’t going to happen.

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