Next Step: Grounding

The other night I put Ariadne down in her crib awake.  She usually nurses to sleep and then we pat her for a few minutes once we do the crib transfer.

I felt like giving her shot at falling asleep on her own.

She cried for a few minutes and then everything was silent (except for the white noise coming out of the laptop we rig for her).  After a little bit, my Mum (who comes over to help me two nights a week so I can get studying in while The Hubs is in class) wanted to go check on her.  She comes in a minute later laughing, saying I just had to see this.

I went in, and this is what I found.

We always set her down with her feet at the laptop, and it cracked open just a bit.  I guess she decided that sleeping was a waste of time, but computer games are much more interesting, because she turned herself around and had her hands and face all up in the computer’s business.

I did the proper parent thing and immediately told her that she had lost laptop priveledges for a month.

Next step.




5 thoughts on “Next Step: Grounding

  1. One of the best and funniest moments so far. When she looked up and saw me, she immediately got that “oops, I’m busted… better smile… that gets em every time” look….

    It was just too funny. What a doll!

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