Ariadne Loves Broccoli

No, we haven’t given her solids yet – we’re waiting til her six month birthday (at the earliest.)

Since she’s been really trying to get our food, I thought we should throw her a bone already.


Or maybe, a broccoli stalk?


Looove the broccoli!


She has a carrot too.

But she much prefers Mr. Broccoli.

Just like her Mama.

P.S.  Since I know you’re super jealous of our stuffed broccoli (or carrot), I’ll tell you a secret –  you can find them at IKEA.  We’re absolutely in love with their line of soft toys – they have tons of play food options for slightly older kids, baskets of fruit, vegetables, breakfast foods, bakery items. You can make a mini pantry of soft toys!  But for now, the huge veggies are just the greatest things ever.  (Note: they also have a giant strawberry, but I think it looks like a mutant radish with herpes, so we only got these two)


2 thoughts on “Ariadne Loves Broccoli

  1. Oh my goodness I just spit out my coffeee at the comment of the strawberry!! HAHA!!
    Thats awesome, I may have to pick some of those soft toys up for M.. We are making a trip there in the near future.. =)

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