Undocumented Milestones

We all know the “big” milestones.

Smiling at you, sitting up, walking, talking etc.

But when you have a new baby, you realize that almost every day is filled with entirely new things.  Milestones fly at you at lightning speed.  They come and go so fast that most of the time you barely realize that your child is doing something they didn’t know how to do yesterday.

A good example?

When your child finds her/his own hair.

Hilarious and…slightly disturbing.

Considering that right about the time they’ll probably realize that they also have that fun furry stuff, they’re already infatuated with tugging and ripping at yours.

The other night we were playing with Ariadne when we she put her hand to her head and felt around a little bit.  She kept doing it, with this look of absolute shock on her face.

“When did this stuff get here?!”

Then she did like she does with us, gripped hard and pulled with all her might.

It took three of us to wrangle the hair out of her hand before she pulled out a chunk of her scalp.

The result – a red head (and not just the colour of her hair) and multiple scratch marks.

I guess I should document this in the baby book (this counts, right?)

We’ll know what happened if we wake up to a bald baby.


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