Who Brought the Alien?

This year we had a stranger show up for dinner –

Yes, we did stick two decorated clementines into our turkey breast.  This thing looked way too freaky to not add some eyeballs.

In other news, I burned my homemade cranberry sauce, which I waited ALL YEAR FOR.  Which resulted in me attempting to rehydrate some dried cranberries we had.  I guess it worked.  Still, I was annoyed.

Dinner was still fabulous.  Good job Mum!  And Ariadne had a blast watching us eat.

She decided that Thanksgiving dinner was the perfect opportunity to break out her tongue skills.  So she spent a good thirty minutes mimicking her Uncle sticking out his tongue.  And I spent a good twenty minutes trying to get pictures of her doing it.  She moved around too much though.

We ate.  We drank.  We laughed.  We gave thanks.

And some of us took a nap.

Best Turkey Day Ever!



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