Oh yeah.

This post is about teeth.

Not these kind of teeth thank God.  Although, I’m not quite sure if these kind are any less scary.

I said a few months ago that Ariadne had every symptom that she was teething.

Well, we most definitely weren’t wrong!

I’ve been going crazy checking her mouth for the last month thinking that one HAD to be popping up because she was just going to town on chewing on everything, drooling herself a puddle and fussing up a storm.  Not to mention, the constant chin/mouth perimeter rash she’s had for a good two weeks because of all the extra drool.

Note: puddle of drool

On Saturday I found the tooth!  I thought to check after I noticed her hooking her fingers around her gums and tugging on them.


And there it was.  A tiny sharp point poking up under the gums.

As expected, this has thrown our routine through a loop as Ariadne started waking up more frequently at night, and she has developed an even bigger attachment to the boob.

Luckily, we still get lots of smiles between the bouts of not so happy Baby Girlness.

Is it just me or does my child have huge ears?! The cutest huge ears EVER!

So far, I’m terrified of teething.  Up to this point it’s been no big deal.  Extra fussiness, and less sleep for everyone, but all of that we can handle.  I’m scared to death of how bad it’s going to be though.  Ariadne isn’t a fan of any of the teethers we’ve given her yet, she just doesn’t seem to understand that she’s supposed to chew on them – and instead gives me this “WTF are you doing sticking something cold in my mouth?!” look.


Hopefully our trip to find an amber teething necklace this coming weekend will be successful and keep our girl a happy camper!


2 thoughts on “Toofers

  1. The necklace will really help with the drooling (and that darn rash)! I used to worry that Lulu didn’t have any teeth by 8 months; and when she finally did, I realized that dude, TEETHING SUCKS! It was nice to not have to worry about my poor baby being in pain or having to give her Tylenol. I hope Aria’s little teeth come in quickly and painlessly. 🙂

  2. Ryan has never properly used a teether either, ha. Tylenol is the only thing that has really worked for us, and even that isn’t strong enough for the molars he’s got coming in so we had to switch to ibuprofen. Good luck!! I hope the worst is past you (at least for now, heh).

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